The Face September 1996


It's fair to say that no one does David LaChapelle ¬style pictures quite like David LaChapelle. How to recognize the 32-year-old American photographer's work? His are the pictures crammed full of visual references taken from the trashier realms of twentieth-century culture (strip mall sleaze, prom date frills, Fiorucci frivolity) that look like the labour of some crazed lensman with a window on to a different, dense and more vibrant world than the rest of us inhabit.

If you like your landscapes dimly lit, grittily realistic and liberally peppered with radiators, then LaChapelle's pics probably aren't for you.

But if you yearn for ruby-slippered Technicolor, check out LaChapelle Land (published by Booth Clibborn Editions in October at £38), which includes many pictures shot exclusively for THE FACE over the years.

David Duchovny, Drew Barrymore, Tupac, Sandra Bullock and Coolio are just a few of the celebs to have been given the magician's makeover - for true surreal appeal, get your paws round a copy and brighten up that bookshelf. The same effect as drinking half a bottle of tequila, but without the hangover.

By Johnny Davis

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