Icon Magazine November 29, 2012

The American art, fashion and advertising photographer David LaChapelle , known for his exaggerated realism, showing its largest exhibition ever of Photographic in Stockholm, starting tomorrow. David LaChapelle was in place during today's press preview.

- I am very happy to see my analog images from the 1980s in a gallery. I could hardly believe that they would see the light of day again, says David.

- When I started photographing in my little apartment in the East Village, New York City, it was just me, my friends and my camera. No big budgets or celebrities. I thought a lot about the big questions that life and death then. Many of my close friends died of AIDS. I did not know myself how long I would live, but I knew I wanted to give something to the world.

David LaChapelle was soon discovered by Andy Warhol, who gave him a job as a photographer for Interview Magazine. Since then, David has produced commercials, music videos and photographed stars like Madonna, David Bowie, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Uma Thurman for including Vogue, Vanity Fair and iD.

- Previously, I have seen magazine galleries where I can exhibit my pictures. But the more I questioned our consumption and our relationship to material things, the more it became untenable. I finished shoot for the magazine in 2005 and bought a farm in Hawaii.

- We are the first generation ever to be constantly fed with news and information in real time. I think we need to be mindful of how this constant flow affects us. Personally, I can not do it. I need to turn everything to find the balance and make the right decision. Only when I surround myself with peace and silence the inspiration. Images may come in dreams or during a walk. The answers will come to us if we dare to be silent and wait for them.

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