Genre Magazine December 1997

Photographer, Artist, Visual Bad Boy : For following his muses. For being unafraid. For making photography fun. For changing the way we see the world. For blowing our mind.

Vision : How do you see what you do ?

I try to think of the most twisted thing and reclaim it and make it beautiful. I’m inspired by music, by friends, but never by other photographers.

On being Gay : What impact does your sexuality have on your work ?

A lot of gay people have a different take on the world: Even in times of advertisity we retain a sense of humor that allows us to create. That’s how my sexuality has deeply affected my work. I certainly wouldn’t be taking the kind of picture that I’m taking if I were not gay. I might not even be taking photographs.

Dreams, Part 1 : What’s your greatest personal goal ?

To keep doing what I’m doing. And to stay out of trouble.

Dreams, Part 2 : What’s your greatest hope for the big picture ?

Like every other gay person I don’t want to see my friends get sick and die. There are a lot of people I was planning to get old with who aren’t around any longer. That’s my number one hope – everything else pales in comparison.

Answered Prayers : What advice would you give to gay people, particularly those just starting their lives ?

When I was young the world was a lot more hostile, and kids should realize things just keep getting better all the time. Oh yeah, also don’t forget to wear your scarf and keep your galoshes on.

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