Fotosidan November 28, 2012

256 photographs by David LaChapelle - mostly in giant format - exhibited at Fotografiska largest exhibition to date. Photo Page has taken a sneak peek on the day before the opening.

There is much that is extreme when it comes to David LaChapelle.He will be welcomed to the show with the world's longest red carpet along the quay in Stockholm Photographic located. Tomorrow Thursday is expected 1800 people to vernissaget and hundreds of journalists going to the press screening. There will also be book signing and "artist lecture" on Friday.

The exhibition, which gives an overall picture of David LaChapelles production is extreme in many ways - there are many images in huge formats shown. And each image in itself is extreme with its expression, its complexity and all its elaborate details.

Some people think that David LaChapelle is superficial, but then you have probably not seen so many of his works. He has an extreme diversity and yet a an intriguing continuity, says Min-Jung Jonsson together with Patrik Steorn been the curators of the exhibition that fills all the exhibition space on the photographic.The images are powerful and filled with details. Each image takes time to watch.

We showed David in 2008 in Nacka Strand. Then it was a visitor who said he needed to go five times to check through all the images.Now he will have to go at least twice as many times, says Jan Broman, one of the founders of the Photographic.The largest exhibition of David LaChapelle hitherto held recently in Prague and included about 100 pictures. The Photographic displayed 256 works, some of which come from the Prague exhibition. Others come from Korea and Germany, and some are newly produced in the United States for the exhibition.

It was an image that stuck in the United States because it was too large to air freighted, but it got here in the end, says Jan Broman.
To make one like this pass major exhibition must start on time. The exhibition booked last year so that LaChapelles agent could park exhibitions so that images became available for the exhibition at Photographic in Stockholm.

The exhibition is so large that it had been featured in the world if it was held in New York. Now we are in Stockholm, which is very far north in little Europe, says Jan Broman.

Many people believe that David LaChapelle is a celebrity photographer, but he has many more pages than that. The exhibition is divided into nine sections that take up large subjects like religion, commercialism and the forces of nature.
When Fotosidan visit the exhibition, all images come up on the freshly painted walls (700 cans of paint did it for), but it still runs about painters and lighting techniques to get to the last.

We build a 3D model of the exhibition so that we know in advance which picture should hang was, but I do not exclude that we will have to change something when David comes tonight, says Jan Broman. The exhibition to be until 3 March, Fotografiska done a book with texts by Matthias Harder, Anna Carnick and the two curators.

After LaChapelle continues Photographic with a different global name: Henri Cartier-Bresson regarded as the greatest street photographers of all time. While exhibitions of Anna Clarén and Ruud van Empel.

This summer's main attraction will be another global name: fashion photographer Helmut Newton.

You could say that there is an unspoken top 100 list of the beta, says Jan Broman with a barely concealed smile.

By Magnus Fröderberg 2012-11-28.

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