CNN Style May 17, 2016

A series of famous, and suggestive images are to be auctioned off by Sotheby's.

134 lots will go up for sale in London on May 19 as part of an exhibit titled "Photographs," which will feature prints by legendary photographers including Helmut Newton and David LaChapelle.

Newton - who had worked with fashion publications such as Vogue for almost 50 years, is considered a pioneer in the industry.

He is recognized for pushing boundaries by weaving erotic and taboo themes into his work early in his career.

His images often position female models in a provocative but empowering manner, while subtly incorporating colorful themes into his black and white photographs.

"To have taboos, then to get around them -- that is interesting," Newton had previously said.

LaChapelle's work, in contrast, is overtly graphic. He uses a signature highly-saturated color palette to create strong and sensational imagery.

His career first kickstarted in the late 1980's when he worked with artist Andy Warhol on a shoot for "Interview" magazine, and has since photographed celebrities including actor Leonardo DiCaprio and singer Britney Spears.

His photograph "The Money Shot" from 2001 will be available in the auction.

The highest estimated auction price belongs to a rare photograph by American artist Irving Penn, which is expected to sell for over $230,000.
The striking image is titled "Mouth," and features a psychedelic close-up shot of a models lips, which has only been available on the auction block twice before.

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