Vocative February 3, 2014

Commercial photographer David LaChapelle, known for his photographs of Paris Hilton and Nicki Minaj, shoots man-made gas stations and oil refineries in new glowing photographs.

David LaChapelle, commercial photographer to the stars, takes on a new political agenda in his latest collection of pictures, known as “Land SCAPE.”

The surrealist photographs, in which LaChapelle captures fluorescent, man-made gas stations and oil refineries in two different series (Gas Stations and Oil Refineries), feature retro-futuristic constructions in two outdoor settings. These “architectural avatars,” as described in LaChapelle’s exhibition material, are made of cardboard, recycled materials and myriad waste products that proliferate our “disposability-obsessed culture.” Some of the refineries look like over-processed photos of real-life constructions, but look closer and you’ll see familiar shapes: plastic jugs, beer cans and exercise balls.

The photographs are meant to convey the destructive nature of fossil fuels, juxtaposed in his Gas Stations series with the lush, organic rainforest of Maui and in his Refineries with desolate stretches of the California coast.

Below, photos of LaChapelle’s latest works, on display at New York City’s Paul Kasmin Gallery until March 1.

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