New York Times February 9, 2014

The Museum of Natural History was a rare hub of Fashion Week activity on Saturday night, when Pharrell Williams and G-Star Raw celebrated a partnership in which the denim company will manufacture clothing with Bionic Yarn, a textile that includes recycled plastic bottles, in a project meant to help clean up the world’s oceans.

“It can do anything that you’re wearing right now, as long as it’s not metal or leather,” said Mr. Williams, who wore a striped shirt made from the material, along with his now-infamous hat. “It’s a practice of awareness, but also making a solution that works.”

David LaChapelle, the photographer and dedicated eco-warrior, gave introductory remarks. Later, at the bar, he offered environmental advice. “The second biggest thing you can do for the environment is to be a vegan,” he said. “The first is not to procreate. But if you have a kid, raise him vegan."

Written by: BEN DETRICK

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