11 Iconic Fashion Photographs from the Past Three Decades September 21, 2015

Andy Warhol offered David LaChapelle his first commercial photography gig in the early ’80s, enlisting him to shoot for Interview magazine. Ever since, LaChapelle has amassed a vast body of both commercial and fine art work, producing slick, high-color images that take cues from all areas of art history and culture, incorporating Pop and Surrealism alongside religious iconography and consumerist ideals. LaChapelle’s pandemonious, yet still very British, portrait of the late designer Alexander McQueen and his muse Isabella Blow, skipping riotously across the frame in McQueen’s own designs, was published in Vanity Fair’s 1997 “Swinging London” issue. Fifteen years later, following the tragic deaths of both subjects, the National Portrait Gallery acquired the photograph for its collection.

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11 Iconic Fashion Photographs from the Last Three Decades