Upcoming Exhibitions 2017 

Upcoming Exhibitions 2017 

"Behold" to be featured at EXPO CHGO 

"Behold" to be featured at EXPO CHGO 

LaChapelle Campaign wins 3 Cannes Lions 

LaChapelle Campaign wins 3 Cannes Lions 

LaChapelle to Headline Ballarat International Foto Biennale 
Italy's 'Che Tempo Che Fa' welcomes David LaChapelle 
Review of Venice Solo Exhibition 

Guadalajara welcomes Lost + Found 

CNN Features David's Return to Mexico and the opening of his new exhibition 'Lost and Found'! 
Lecture in Guadalajara Mexico 

Join David for his lecture in Guadalajara Mexico on March 28th, where he will lead dialogue about the importance of art in the world and to speak directly with students and the artistic Mexican community! The lecture is free and open to the public

The lecture is free to the public and will be held at Foro Universitario's Auditorio Telmex on March 28 at 11am. For More information about the lecture and David's upcoming Show in Guadalajara please visit the Exhibition WEBSITE

LaChapelle: Lost + Found Solo Exhibition in Guadalajara 

“Guadalajara, Guadalajara” pleased to announce the exhibition of the internationally renowned artist David LaChapelle, titled Lost & Found | Volver A Encontrarse.

The focal point of the exhibition, held in the historic Instituto Cultural Cabañas, is the the highly anticipated new series by LaChapelle, ‘New World’ which the artist created over the past ten years on the island of Maui, Hawaii; and will be shown for the first time – worldwide – in Guadalajara.

The presentation is an overture to the artist’s upcoming fall 2017 book release, titled Lost & Found. The activities carried out from this exhibition will be brought with the support of the Government of Guadalajara and the company 212 Productions.

Fortifying the artist’s longtime relationship and solidarity with the people of Mexico, Lost & Found | Volver A Encontrarse promises to be an extraordinary movement in the international landscape of art during this particular time of political and social contradiction. In the last 10 years, the artist David LaChapelle has shown in 8 Latin American countries, with 13 solo museum exhibitions, and 3 art fairs.  In   Montevideo, Uruguay (2016), he held for the first time in his career, 4 simultaneous solo shows; and overall, his exhibits in the region have had hosted more than 350,000 visitors.

During LaChapelle's visit, a series of related activities will be held that will involve
diverse sectors of the population. This in order to promote the artists afinity with the people of Guadalajara, as LaChapelle is a faithful believer that art is for everyone and should not be reserved only for a specific audience.

The artist will present a free public lecture on March 28, 2017 to dialogue about the importance of art in the world and to speak directly with students and the artistic Mexican community.

The show Opens on March 30, 2017 and runs until July 30, 2017.
For more information on the show details, lecture and ticketing please visit the exhibition's WEBSITE.

Lost & Found | Volver A Encontrarse is sponsored by the Government of Guadalajara and 212 Productions.

Instituto Cultural Cabañas
Calle Cabañas 8, Las Fresas, 44360
Guadalajara, Mexico

'Make Love Not Walls' Global Campaign 

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Fall/Winter Video Review 



Lecture at US Embassy in Seoul, Korea November 19, 2016

In conjunction with the opening of his solo exhibition at Ara Modern Art Museum in Seoul, South Korea, David will be giving a special artist's lecture on November 19, 2016. The artist will share details of his background and career, his experience as a contemporary artist, and present some of his most iconic music videos & artwork.

Hosted at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, the talk is open and free to the public and will take place from 3-4:30pm.
No RSVP or reservation needed.

Over 50,000 Attend Opening Weekend at Usina Del Arte November 18, 2016
Inscape of Beauty Solo Exhibition at ARA Modern Art Museum November 18, 2016 - February 26, 2017

David LaChapelle's work will be exhibited at Ara Modern Art Museum in Seoul, Korea. This expansive retrospective of LaChapelle's work will mark his third solo show in Korea and the first in the country since 2011 when LaChapelle's works showed at Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Design Museum.

Titled 'Inscape of Beauty,' the exhibition features nearly 200 of the artist's works showcasing the broad span of LaChapelle's art, ranging from early pieces to new series never before shown in Asia.

The works will be shown at Ara Museum through February of 2017.

The Atlantic Reviews Lana Story 

Scroll through the photos that David LaChapelle recently shot with Lana Del Rey and you may be hit with a whiff of linoleum, or microwave dinner, or asbestos. She descends a spiral staircase next to a gaudy fake Christmas tree of the kind you just don’t see anymore, wearing an equally gaudy coat, her eyes squinting, the camera having snapped at the wrong moment. She stains a wedding table with red wine, her mascara running and the flash catching the blood behind her retinas, as a man in the foreground smokes in ripped whitey tighties. She poses in a ruffled dress in front of a tiered garden styled with person-sized candles, next to a sign reading, “Happy Birthday America … 1776 1976.”

2017 VMA's Campaign 

David photographed singer Katy Perry for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Campaign.
He previously created campaigns for the 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2007 VMA's

More to be revealed upon the campaign's release...

New Photo Story with Lana Del Rey 

In a rare return to editorial magazines, David creates a new photo story with Lana Del Rey for Flaunt.

After seeing her perform live at the Hollywood Bowl, David took a break from the work on his upcoming TASCHEN book project to create a new series in Los Angeles with artist Lana Del Rey.

LaChapelle at Paris Photo Art Fair Staley Wise shows 17 LaChapelle Works November 10 - 13, 2016

In it's 20th year, Paris Photo international art fair is dedicated to the photographic medium, and remains key rendez-vous for dealers, collectors, curators, artists and art aficionados.

Staley Wise Gallery will be exhibiting a group of 17 of David LaChapelle works this year including Death by Hamburger (2001), This is my House (1997), Diesel Jeans, Victory Day, 1945,(1994) and never before exhibited pieces, Kanye West Riot (2006), Vulgar Tears (1995), & Naomi Campbell: Fruit (1999).

Galerie Daniel Templon will be exhibiting a collection of David LaChapelle's works including Seismic Shift (2012), and selections from the Earth Laughs in Flowers (2008-2012), and Gas Station (2012) series.

The Fair is open November 10 - 13, 2016 and will take place at the Grand Palais in Paris France.

LaChapelle Visión Creativa Artist Lecture at Zoom in Project in Mexico November 5, 2016

LaChapelle will be the featured lecturer at this year's Zoom-In Project Conference in Mexico City, Mexico. The event will be held in the Universidad Centro on Saturday, November 5 at 6pm and is free to the public. In the talk, LaChapelle will explore his body of work and how photography and art influence and impact the world.

La Nacion La Noche de los Museos iluminó con arte el sur porteño October 30, 2016

A pocas cuadras, más cerca de Constitución, la Usina del Arte congregaba curiosos de todas las edades ansiosos por ver de cerca a la celebridad de la fotografía de moda, LaChapelle, que ayer inauguró la muestra Fotografías 1984-2013 con una charla abierta. Como el cupo de ingreso era limitado, debido a la capacidad de la sala, se entregaron dos entradas por persona desde una hora antes. Pero la gente que quería escuchar al fotógrafo se acercó a la Usina con anticipación para evitar quedarse sin ticket. Mapas y folletos en mano, los que llegaban desde Proa y Mamba se apuraban por recorrer la exhibición fotográfica con muchos de los retratos de estrellas como Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Cameron Díaz y Naomi Campbell. También, su trabajo más reciente y menos conocido como las series Earth Laughs in Flowers (2008-2011) y Land Scape (2013).

Artist Talk at Usina Del Arte David LaChapelle to give talk in Buenos Aires Argentina October 29, 2016

As a part of the opening of the exhibition "David LaChapelle: Photographs 1984 - 2013" at Usina Del Arte in Argentina, LaChapelle will give a talk on his career and artwork. This marks LaChapelle's third Exhibition in South America this year.

"David LaChapelle: Photographs 1984 - 2013" opens on Saturday, October 29 in the Maze Chamber of the Usina del Arte & the first floor of the Museum of Cinema, as part of the Night Museum.
The exhibition includes more than 80 works, with portraits of celebrities like David Bowie, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love and Michael Jackson and also the most recent series, never before seen in the country, entitled "Earth Laughs in Flowers "(2008-2011) and" Landscape "(2013).

The lecture is on opening day of the exhibition, October 29, 2016 at 8pm and is free and open to the public; please arrive early as seating is first come first served.


The Usina del Arte is pleased to present a condensed compilation of David LaChapelle’s life’s work thus far. His first series on display, Good News for Modern Man, is a selection of black and white photographs reminiscent of Italian Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelites. Negative Currency follows as large colorful magnifications of international currency. The next selection, Earth Laughs in Flowers, is a take on Flemish still life made modern with flower bouquets adorned with dated everyday household items.

Artist Lecture at AGADU in Uruguay David LaChapelle Talk at AGADU in Montevideo, Uruguay October 24, 2016

AGADU has the privilege of presenting an artist talk with David Lachapelle, who will share with participants details of his background and career, his experience as a contemporary artist, and present some of his iconic music videos.

Four institutions based in Montevideo simultaneously presented LaChapelle's work spanning three decades across five local institutions: Espaciao de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), Centro de Fotografía (CDF), Fundación Unión (FU), Asociación de Autores del Uruguay (AGADU) and National Museum of Visual Arts (MNAV).

The talk will take place at Teatro AGADU on October 24, 2016 at 7pm The talk is free and open to the public, you may make reservations through the email: comunicacion@agadu.org.

Huffington Post How A Viral Video Set Sergei Poulnin On A Path To Revolutionizing Ballet September 23, 2016

In February 2015, renowned American photographer David LaChapelle quietly released a video on the internet.

In it, Ukrainian-born Sergei Polunin ― one of the most famous ballet figures in the world ― dances alone to Irish singer-songwriter Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” The bluesy, gospel-like folk song bellows in the background as Polunin jumps to impossible heights in an empty building enveloped in morning light. Between pirouettes, he throws himself onto the floor, tearing at his arms and dragging his feet as if he’s struggling to break free of his own body. Four minutes later, the video ends with Polunin kneeling, breathing hard and staring away from the camera.

New York Times Review: Bad Boy of the Royal Ballet Regains His Footing in ‘Dancer' September 15, 2016

In some ways, the star of Steven Cantor’s documentary “Dancer” is not Sergei Polunin, the volatile former Royal Ballet principal, but the music video he starred in. Shot by David LaChapelle, the video shows Mr. Polunin, bare-chested and tattooed, sliding to the floor, arching his back like a cat and leaping into the air to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.” It’s pure angst.

There’s more of that in this ponderous documentary, in which Mr. LaChapelle’s video is featured, as well as background music like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” A prodigious talent from Ukraine with a determined stage mother, Mr. Polunin is a controversial figure in the ballet world. After he was named a principal at the Royal Ballet at 19, he quit just two years later...

THE VILLAGE VOICE David LaChapelle: Gas Stations JULY 6, 2016

Edward Hopper's Gas (1940) shows a middle-of-nowhere filling station flanked by forest trees, a solitary figure attending to one of the pumps as night falls. In his clever and subversive series "Gas Stations," now on view at the Edward Hopper House, David LaChapelle constructs a tweak on this piece, stripping the human figure out of the picture and transforming the tone from patient, wistful Americana to something approaching environmental anger. Where the trees sway softly in the background of Gas, the greenery in LaChapelle's six-piece series encroaches on Chevron and Shell stations with a creeping menace, protruding at odd angles and making its presence felt in the foreground as well. LaChapelle crafted these eye-catching works by photographing scaled models of gas refineries, which he and a team built using recycled materials (egg cartons, tea canisters, hair curlers). Setting the works in the heart of night (the series is much darker, visually, than Gas), LaChapelle lends the stations an almost magical neon glow, shining brightly as nature closes in.

Luxury Guide: DSC Gallery June, 2016

Ne každý fotograf je objeven náhodou v sedmnácti letech, a ještě navíc Andym Warholem. David LaChapelle ale takové štěstí měl, a když se k tomu připočítá nezpochybnitelný talent a osobitý pohled na svět, mate recept a na um ěleckou superstar. Jeho hyperrealistický styls prvky pop-artu a surrealismu často – vlastně vždy! – překračuje meze dobrěho vkusu, právě v tom ale tkví nezaměnitelný pokleslý sex – appeal Davidových děl.

Fundación Unión Enlightment June 24, 2016

Fundación Union and 212 Productions are pleased to announce the exhibition of David LaChapelle's works, which open today June 24th...

For the first time worldwide, the artist will be exhibiting in 4 spaces simultaneously throughout the city of Montevideo. The shows will feature works from throughout LaChapelle's career, including a projection space of the artist's video works.

Centro De Fotografía De Montevideo Contemporaneity June 24, 2016

Centro De Fotografía De Montevideo and 212 Productions are pleased to announce the exhibition of David LaChapelle's works, which open today June 24th...

The multiple activities around this exhibition circuit will take place at the FUNDACIÓN UNIÓN (FU), CENTRO DE FOTOGRAFÍA DE MONTEVIDEO (CdF), ESPACIO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (EAC) and the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). In the MUSEO NACIONAL DE ARTES VISUALES (MNAV) and in the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). Two lectures will compliment the exhibits.

La Villette La Grand Galerie De Foot June 24, 2016

Presented at the Parc De la Villette, the third-largest park in Paris, The group exhibition, "La Grand Galerie de Foot" will showcase a selection of iconic works of football, from the 1920s to today. Through paintings, sculptures, films and photographs, forty artists question and celebrate football and invite the viewer to take a new look on the sport.

David LaChapelle's contribution of work includes, "David Beckham: Posing for Pictures II" and, "David Beckham: Posing for Pictures III"

Museo AGADU Symbols of Immortality June 22, 2016

ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (MUSEO AGADU) and 212 Productions are pleased to announce the exhibition of David LaChapelle's works, which opens today June 22 at 7:30PM...

For the first time worldwide, the artist will be exhibiting in 4 spaces simultaneously throughout the city of Montevideo. The shows will feature works from throughout LaChapelle's career, including a projection space of the artist's video works.

Uruguay Exhibition Circuit: Imaginary Dialogues June 2, 2016

We would like to officially announce the upcoming exhibition circuit opening in Montevideo Uruguay this June! Organized by 212 Productions and for the first time worldwide, David LaChapelle will be exhibiting in Montevideo, in 4 spaces simultaneously....

The multiple activities around this exhibition circuit will take place at the FUNDACIÓN UNIÓN (FU), CENTRO DE FOTOGRAFÍA DE MONTEVIDEO (CdF), ESPACIO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (EAC) and the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). In the MUSEO NACIONAL DE ARTES VISUALES (MNAV) and in the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). Two lectures will compliment the exhibits.

All The Way Up (Remix) Jay-Z, Fat Joe and Remy Ma May, 2016

Jay Z had the internet in a frenzy this week when he exclusively premiered his verse on Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s “All The Way Up (Remix)" in which he references David LaChapelle's iconic image of Tupac Shakur, "Solitary" 1996.

CNN Style: Sotheby's to auction some of the fashion industry's raciest photographs May 17, 2016

A series of famous, and suggestive images are to be auctioned off by Sotheby's.

134 lots will go up for sale in London on May 19 as part of an exhibit titled "Photographs," which will feature prints by legendary photographers including Helmut Newton and David LaChapelle...

Hospodářské noviny (Economic Newspaper Prague): Magazíny jsou pomíjivé, od fotografií v umělecké galerii lidé čekají víc April 7, 2016

Hospodářské noviny (English: Economic Newspaper) feature spread on David LaChapelle, and his exhibition "Muses" at the DSC Gallery in Prague.

Legendární Richard Avedon o něm v rozhovoru pro The New York Times prohlásil, že je Reném Magrittem svého žánru. Helmut Newton v něm viděl budoucnost fotografie. On sám byl přitom pevně přesvědčen, že se nedožije třicítky. Dožil. A stal se z něj nejopěvovanější fotograf nového milénia.

O místo před objektivem Davida LaChapella, který aktuálně vystavuje v pražské DSC Gallery, se počátkem tisíciletí rvaly veličiny jako Angelina Jolie nebo Leonardo DiCaprio.

David LaChapelle: Muses at DSC Gallery March 22, 2016

Four years after the spectacular retrospective at Rudolfinum, DSC Gallery presents the phenomenal work of American photographer David LaChapelle.

The solo exhibition will include photographs from LaChapelle’s biggest era of commercial fame and works from the past 10 years, during which he was inspired by the work of great masters, as well as by the jungles surrounding his home in Maui. It is on this island, after leaving the world of advertising and glossy magazines. that David LaChapelle found his new home and inspiration. Showcased works include, Rape of Africa (2008), Rebirth of Venus(2009), and Pieta with Courtney Love (2006).

V&A Magazine Botticelli Reimagined Spring 2016

The nineteenth-century revival of the painter (Botticelli) was supposedly about his style and spirit, but Warburg showed that images themselves have an afterlife and may reappear in guises quite unrelated to the ideas or atmospheres prized in the original artist. Botticelli’s Venus becomes an acid-hued cipher in Warhol’s Details of Renaissance Paintings. She is suddenly strander and tender again in Rineke Dijstra’s Beach Portraits, then rendered as extravagant camp or travesty in David LaChapelle’s Rebirth of Venus. Here she is again on screen, in the figure of Uma Thurman in Terry Gillam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)/ And the Graces too: most recently in a striking Botticellian arrangement of young women in a fleetingly calm sequence of Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). In other words, the long rediscovery of re-evaluation of Botticelli is not only complete, but long ago turned into cultural ubiquity...

British Vogue: Renaissance Man 

Ahead of the V&A’s Botticelli Reimagined show (March 5 to July 3), David LaChapelle traces the Renaissance master’s influence on his own work, from portraits in New York East Village to his famous recreation of The Birth of Venus (page 238). For his latest project, the Aristocracy series, below right, the photographer’s inspiration returns to the 21st century, as he turns his gaze to aviation. “I’m fascinated by today’s private-jet class and the separate world they inhabit from the rest of us.

Zeno De Morges: Theatergezelschap Abattoir Fermé herschept het Kasteel van Gaasbeek in een oord van verderf March 26, 2016

Bloemen van konijnenoren een lijk waarmee je een selfie kunt nemen stuitende rijkdom en veel seks
De expo Divine Decadence van Abattoir Fermé verkent alle uithoeken van de decadentie van vroeger en nu.

"When David LaChapelle got involved it became more exciting..."                       - Sergi Polunin March 22, 2016

Watch an exclusive preview of the upcoming film, 'Dancer', which stars Sergei Polunin. LaChapelle collaborated on the documentary and continues to work with Polunin on a number of new projects.

Polunin spoke candidly to Variety Magazine about the making of David LaChapelle's film for the Hozier song 'Take me to Church': "It is hard to make a hit with something that is beautiful, and maybe people haven’t seen that for a long time, something pure… David is a pure artist. He is an incredible artist. I haven’t met anybody like that. Through that video, he showed that he has a purity."

The Guardian Beauty Reimagined: 500 Years of Botticelli 

David LaChapelle speaks to The Guardian about the influence of Sandro Botticelli on his own work.

"I was first struck by Botticelli in the 2000s. It was quiet in the National Gallery and I had Venus and Mars to myself. I stood in front of it for what felt like forever. What struck me was the Greek idea of the God of War and the Goddess of Love, together, and how our basic nature is the same: greed and war versus love and beauty. I created The Rape of Africa, based on that painting, after reading about the African gold mines and being moved by the human suffering and desecration to the land. I get asked why I used a supermodel [Naomi Campbell] to represent Venus. To put it simply, it was because she is a great beauty of our time."

Financial Times: Mother of All Nudes March 6, 2016

In this new show, Jackie Wullschlager finds the old Master works win out over the ‘shrill, fatuous’ voices of postmodern art

The road back to Botticelli is a long, winding, picaresque one – both through art history, which ignored him for centuries after his death in 1510, and through the Victoria and Albert museum’s problematic new show Botticelli Reimagined...

British Vogue: Venus Rising Feburary 25, 2016

Venus Rising
Celebrity photographer David LaChapelle explains why the works of Sandro Botticelli are as fresh today as they ever were.

Botticelli’s Venus standing in an open shell with her knee bent and head tilted in The Birth of Venus (1484-86), above, is one of the most celebrated female nudes in the history of art. I’ve always been influenced by Renaissance sculpture and painting. Right back in the early Eighties in New York, when I used to shoot my friends at my East Village squat, I remember a roommate trying to recreate Michelangelo’s Dying Slave post. With my work The Rebirth of Venus (2009), top, I wanted to put a contemporary take on Botticelli’s masterpiece and celebrate the beauty of the female form in its unashamed nudity...

David LaChapelle featured in New Exhibit DIVINE DECADENCE At the Castle of Gaasbeek in Belgium March 27 - June 26, 2016

David LaChapelle’s Pamela Anderson: Hollywood Nights 2001, will be featured at the Castle of Gaasbeek in Belgium as a part of ‘Divine Decadence,’ an exhibition in collaboration with Mechelen-based theatre group Abattoir Fermé, will bring to life Decadent cult book A Rebours by Joris-Karl Huysman.
At the end of the nineteenth century, in the age of industrialisation, the Decadents escaped what they considered banal reality through beauty and art. Today, artists still rebel against a good many social norms and taboos. Various works of art immerse you in the luxurious and sometimes dark world of decadence.

LaChapelle’s work will be featured amongst other artists such as Berlinde De Bruyckere, Jan Fabre, Erwin Olaf, Félicien Rops, Kees Van Dongen en Jan Van Oost.

The Armory Show 2016 March 3-6, 2016

Four of David LaChapelle’s pieces will be showcased by Galerie Daniel Templon at this year’s Armory Show in New York City. Featured at Templon's booth, three are pieces from the eight part series 'Earth Laughs in Flowers' 2008-2012: Springtime, Risk, Late Summer, and the fourth from one of LaChapelle's latest series, Aristocracy Three, 2013.

The Armory Show is New York City’s premier international art fair, showcasing over 200 galleries from around the world. This year’s Fair will take place on Piers 92 & 94 at Booth 519 from March 3-6, 2016. For admission and ticket information please visit The Armory Show Website

AIPAD: The Photography Show, 2016 April 14-17, 2016

Celebrating its 36th year in 2016, The Photography Show presented by AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Art Dealers) will be held in Manhattan’s Upper East Side at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC this Spring.

Staley Wise will feature David LaChapelle's Milk Maidens, 1996, which will be featured among more than 80 of the world’s leading photography art galleries participating in the exhibition. The Show commences with an exclusive preview of the Show floor during the Opening Night Preview on Wednesday, April 13 and will remain open until April 17.

Haitian Relief Organization Gala David LaChapelle Featured in Auction January 9, 2016

On Saturday, January 9th, J/P HRO board member Sean Penn held the 5th annual Help Haiti Home Gala for the Haitian Relief Organization. The event held a live auction that sold off many exclusive items including a personal photo session with David LaChapelle.

In all over $7 million dollars was raised for J/P HRO, a charity that works to help displaced Haitians find and build sustainable life saving programs quickly and effectively.

GALERIE ANDREA CARATSCH to open a new exhibition PIPE DREAM featuring David LaChapelle’s artworks December 2, 2015

Three of David LaChapelle’s pieces will be shown as a part of the “Pipe Dream” group exhibition at Gallery Andrea Caratsch in Zurich

The show, which focuses on personal vision, will run from December 10th, 2015 until February 19th, 2016, and will feature LaChapelle’s “I’m your Piñata”, “Amanda as Marilyn” and “Amanda as Liz” alongside the works of artists Araki, Castelli, Molinier, Newton, and Pierre & Gilles.
For more information about the "Pipe Dream" group show and Galarie Andrea Caratsch please visit the CARATSCH WEBSITE

David LaChapelle Shoots The Voice, Season 10 February 29, 2016

Watch David LaChapelle on set as he shoots for The Voice Season 10, featuring judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams.

LaChapelle was inspired by the spirit of the show, “What I like about The Voice is that it nurtures young talent, it’s not ugly. This shoot is about the music; it doesn't have attitude and it's beautiful just like The Voice”
The 10th, brand-new season of The Voice, airs Monday, Feb 29 on NBC.

You can watch the behind the scenes video here:

V Magazine Features Thread of Man March 9, 2016

V Magazine features August Getty & David LaChapelle's collaboration, Thread of Man, with an article and video that capture the immersive installation.

Watch the video below:

David LaChapelle and August Getty Meld Art and Fashion in Hollywood November 16, 2015

With both a Richard Meier-designed museum and an antiques-filled villa bearing his family name, one would think that August Getty would have dibs on stately venues in Los Angeles where he can present the latest collection of his namesake women’s fashion line. For his third offering, the 21-year-old designer lured David LaChapelle out of self-imposed exile in Maui to create an ambitious art installation in a dilapidated Southwestern frontier town on one of Universal Studios’ movie lots.

August Getty and David LaChapelle Collaborate on a Cinematic LA Dreamscape November 16, 2015

David LaChapelle teamed up with fashion designer August Getty for Getty's spring 2016 "Thread of Man" show. Located on a dilapidated Southwestern frontier town on one of Universal Studios’ movie lots, the duo took event attendees on an artistic journey through a crazy, theatrical pop-tastic dreamscape. LaChapelle created an unique multimedia exhibition for the young designer's show complete with models, ornate set pieces, and a live performance from a gospel choir.

Paris Photo 2015 November 12-15, 2015

Both Galarie Daniel Templon and Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery will participate in the 19th Paris Photo Fair on November 12th-15th. Both galleries will showcase David LaChapelle's work, Templon will present the Earth Laughs in Flowers Series (2008-2011),including: Early Fall, America, Springtime, and Risk and JMM Gallery will feature LaChapelle's latest Aristocracy Series (2014).

In its 19th year, Paris Photo is the premier international art fair for works in the photographic medium. The Fair will be held in Paris at the historical Grand Palais from the 12th to the 15th of November, 2015.
Over 140 leading galleries from 33 countries will present both historical and contemporary works. Joining them are 27 publishers and specialized art book dealers providing a complete panorama of the photographic medium.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium hosts Gas Shell September 11 - January 24, 2016

David LaChapelle’s Gas Shell will be shown as a part of the 2050 exhibition at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium from September 11, 2015 through January 24, 2016.

A collaboration between the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Louvre Museum, 2050 features over 70 contemporary works that question the future. The exhibition of the RMFAB addresses major social themes such as over-consumption, global conflicts, scarcity of natural resources, social and economic inequality, and the mutation of the human being

David LaChapelle at the 14th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Benefit November 6, 2015

On Monday, November 2, 2015, the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) held its 14th Annual “An Enduring Vision Benefit Gala” at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.
David LaChapelle’s Elton John Egg on His Face (1999), featured as the invitation artwork for the event, was auctioned at the benefit and raised $90,000 to support HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and awareness programs across the United States, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

David LaChapelle Cannes Lion award winner November 3, 2015

David LaChapelle Studio is proud to announce that the artist, who shot and directed Coca-Cola’s recent Peace and Love Together campaign, won a prestigious Cannes Gold Lion for the iconic work.

Watch the full video here:

Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 14th Annual ‘An Enduring Vision’ Benefit Gala November 2, 2015

On Monday, November 2, 2015, the Elton John AIDS Foundation will present its 14th Annual An Enduring Vision Benefit Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. Hosted by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, the benefit will also include special speaker President of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, and a performance from KC and the Sunshine Band. David LaChapelle’s Elton John Egg on His Face (1999), is featured as the invitation artwork for the event and the piece will be included in the live auction at the benefit.

LeParisien on David LaChapelle's art and ecology October 30, 2015

LeParisien reports on David LaChapelle illustrating the link between art and global ecological problems.

Sergei Polunin Speaks to Ellen DeGeneres about David LaChapelle October 26, 2015

Dancer Sergei Polunin appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show where he danced to Hozier's Take Me to Church, and attributed his reaffirmed love of dance to his collaboration with David LaChapelle.

After his performance Polunin said, “This dance was supposed to be my last dance, but [the music video] gave me so much attention...working with David LaChapelle, who is an incredible artist and pure, honest person, I fell in love with dance again."

Watch Full Interview & Original Video Here

From Sketch to Cannes: The Collaborative Journey of Coke’s ‘Together’ Campaign September 25, 2015

In the months that followed, Coca-Cola Europe worked with Ogilvy Paris and renowned photographer David LaChapelle to take the idea from concept to campaign, starting with a 30-second online film titled “Together.”

A new exhibit in Berlin shows how artists from Degas and Warhol to David LaChapelle were inspired by Botticelli The Wall Street Journal September 23, 2015

Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” has made it onto kitschy coffee mugs, fridge magnets and a Dolce & Gabbana dress worn by Lady Gaga. The image of Venus emerging from the sea, hair flowing, on an oversized half-shell has become an instantly recognizable emblem of Renaissance culture and idealized beauty.

11 Iconic Fashion Photographs from the Past Three Decades David LaChapelle Featured on Artsy September 21, 2015

Arsty has included David LaChapelle's Burning Down The House in it's countdown of iconic images. The photograph, which features Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, is part of the permanent photograph collection at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

11 Iconic Fashion Photographs from the Last Three Decades

Pamela Anderson stars on the new cover of FLAUNT shot by David LaChapelle September 18 ,2015

Flaunt magazine is pleased to announce the release of its Pamela Anderson Cover and feature photographed by David LaChapelle.

The cover sees LaChapelle working with his decades-long muse in a rare editorial project, since leaving the medium years ago to focus on global exhibition in museums and galleries. 

Gas BP Displayed at Expo Chicago 2015 September 17, 2015

Gas BP will be showing at the Galerie Daniel Templon booth (#234) at the Chicago Expo, September 17th-20th. Gas BP is part of LaChapelle's Land Scape and Gas Station Series (2012),  on which art critic Shana Nys Dambrot writes, "the eponymous gas stations and refineries that populate LaChapelle's iconic natural world locations are staged as architectural avatars of a planet coping with the stresses of peak oil....their eerie, hauntingly surrealist lighting, dimensionality of the models, attentiveness to detail, and forced perspective in the hero-shot compositions suggest art-historical influences from Edward Hopper to Ed Ruscha." In Gas BP, LaChapelle's handcrafted fueling station-- pictured amongst nature-- is depicted as commentary on the globally networked industrial infrastructure of oil production and distribution.

The screening of RIZE in Santiago de Chile September 10, 2015

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago in collaboration with Centro Arte Alameda invite the fans of David LaChapelle for the screening of his critically acclaimed documentary RIZE.

The screening takes place on September 15, 2015 at 9:30PM

Address: Av.Bernardo O´Higgins 139, Santiago de Chile

The admission is FREE


ARTISHOCK magazine presents an exclusive interview with David LaChapelle,which Alejandra Villasmil conducted on the occasion of the artist's retrospective exhibition in MAC (Santiago)

National Black Arts Festival presents RIZE September 10, 2015

As a part of the National Black Arts Festival Film Series in Atlanta, David LaChapelle''s popular, award-winning documentary film “Rize,” will be screened at Morehouse College on Thursday, September 10th.
In the film LaChapelle examines the South Central Los Angeles youth dance movement and follows the subculture of clowning and krumping. Popular and critically acclaimed, the film draws parallels between street and African dance forms while mimicking mid-20th century anthropological ritual dance films.

Preceding the film there will be a discussion of the film with LaChapelle and facilitated by Dr. Stephane Dunn of Morehouse College.


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Chile had a reason to celebrate this summer. The president of Fundation AMA, Juan Yarur teamed up with one of Chile’s top art institutions to premiere David LaChapelle’s retrospective show titled “Fotografiás 1984 – 2013“. While the opening ceremony in MAC hosted over 1 300 guests, two weeks after the official opening LaChapelle‘s exhibition attracted more than 15 thousand visitors and remains open until 27th September.

LiveStream from Museo de Arte Contemporaneo July 29, 2015

You can watch video from David's artist lecture as well as a live stream from the show at Museo De Arte Contemporaneo in Chile.

Visit LiveStream Here

Artist's Talk 7/29 at Teatro Corpartes July 29, 2015

Teatro Corpartes will be host an artist's talk in conjunction with the exhibition at Museo De Arte Contemporaneo on July 29th at 7:30pm.
Open to the Public, the artist's talk is first come first serve and will include a lecture and video screening, followed by an Q&A.

Museo De Arte Contemporaneo, Chile LaChapelle Fotografías 1984 - 2013 July 27, 2015

LaChapelle Fotografías 1984 - 2013 will be on display to the public from July 29 through September 27th, 2015 at Parc Forestal Santiago Chile.

The show features more than 90 photographs and video pieces that represent David's diverse career. The retrospective is presented in collaboration with Fundacion Ama and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Chile.

Forbes 3 Picks for Art and Culture in Rome May 31, 2015

The thought of Rome might not immediately conjure up images of contemporary art. Quite the opposite when you consider the ancient city and it’s ghosts of culture past. But this month was one for the books in this Italian city. Here are my picks for what to see in Rome.

LeNiús “Dopo il Diluvio” di David LaChapelle a Roma: tra provocazione e postpop May 25, 2015

Dal 30 aprile al 13 settembre 2015 il Palazzo delle Esposizioni ha aperto le porte a una mostra sensazionale, provocatoria e postpop: David LaChapelle, Dopo il Diluvio. La mostra, curata da Gianni Mercurio, è una delle più importanti retrospettive dedicate allo straordinario artista e fotografo americano. Più di 150 opere, alcune notissime e molte altre inedite, altre in dimensioni gigantesche (oltre sette metri per due) per la prima volta presentate nella suggestiva cornice del Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma.

Winston-Salem Journal Renowned photographer David LaChapelle speaks to UNCSA high school graduates about the life of an artist May 16, 2015

Winston-Salem Journal
May 16, 2015
Jenny Drabble/ Special Correspondent

Renowned photographer David LaChapelle speaks to UNCSA high school graduates about the life of an artist

David LaChapelle's 2015 UNCSA High School commencement speech May 16, 2015

On May 16, 2015 David LaChapelle returned to his alma mater, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, to deliver the 46th annual high school commencement address. Click READ MORE to watch.

Rolling Stone Italia David LaChapelle in mostra a Roma: «In America mi sento un turista» May 1, 2015

David LaChapelle in mostra a Roma: «In America mi sento un turista»
Apre "Dopo il diluvio" una delle più grandi retrospettive di LaChapelle. Rolling Stone incontra il grande fotografo americano e visita in anteprima la mostra

di Nicolas Ballario / 1 maggio 2015

Quando arrivo a PalaExpo la giornata promette subito bene, perché ad accogliermi c’è Enrica, addetta stampa bella e gentile, cosa non affatto scontata nel mondo dei press office. L’esposizione è in allestimento e al lavoro ci sono decine di persone intente a sistemare oltre 100 opere di David LaChapelle, artista statunitense classe 1963 che senza dubbio occupa un posto d’onore nella walk of fame della fotografia internazionale.

Gazzetta del Sud LaChapelle shines in Rome, German Objectivity in Venice April 30, 2015

ROME - ‘David LaChapelle, after the Deluge’ is an exhibition that will run through September 13 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni with over 150 never-seen-before works by the US artist and photographer. The exhibition focuses on works by LaChapelle beginning in 2006, when he began the series entitled ‘The Deluge’, which marked a turning point. It was with this series, inspired by Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, that the artist began to work with the sole aim of exhibiting his art in galleries and museums, creating non commissioned works never destined to be seen in fashion magazines or advertising campaigns. To acquaint the public with the origins of his work, some of his most famous works produced between 1995 and 2005 will be exhibited as well, including portraits of stars in the music, fashion and film worlds, as well as scenes with surrealist touches based on religious themes and quotes from important works in the history of art and cinema.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni April 13, 2015

David LaChapelle, the great American artist and photographer, comes back, after more than fifteen years, to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni with one of the most important and exhaustive retrospective exhibition of the artists work.

There will be more than 150 works on view, some presented for the first time in a museum including many large-scale and vintage works.

The Armory Show March 5-8, 2015

David LaChapelle at The Armory Show 2015
March 5-8, 2015, 12pm to 7pm
Opening Reception: March 4th, 2015 to invited guests

Galerie Daniel Templon is pleased to present the photographs of world-renowned Artist, David LaChapelle at The 2015 Armory Show.

Bogota Biennial Spring 2015

The photograph will flood again the Colombian capital between May 2 and June 15, during the celebration of 10 years of PHOTOGRAPHIC BOGOTA 2015 with the theme "Built Photography". PHOTO has been ranked as the International Photography Biennial most important Latin America in recent years, offering the city and all Colombians privileged to have the presence of prominent theorists of art during the Theoretical Meeting with recognized international and national photographers at major exhibition halls of the capital.

Rize screening @ MAC-Lima March 11, 2015 @ 7pm

Join Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – Lima on March 11 at 7pm for a screening of David LaChapelle's 2005 documentary, Rize, following the birth of clown dancing and krumping in South Central Los Angeles.

CBS News Entertainment buzz: Facebook's top moments of the week February 13, 2015

It was a big week in the world of entertainment, from the Grammy Awards to the highly anticipated (at least by a lot of moms) "Fifty Shades Of Grey" premiere.

Facebook has tallied the top 10 hottest stories in entertainment this week. What had you talking? What popped up most on news feeds across the U.S.? What did you miss on your Facebook feed because your New Year's resolution was to go on Facebook less?

Here's our exclusive list:

1. David LaChapelle directs "Take Me to Church" video

Sorry Sia, but you've got nothing on Hozier. Director David LaChapelle released a new video for the Irish rocker's single, "Take Me To Church," featuring Ukrainian dancer Sergei Polunin. It's pretty amazing:


The Washington Post Why I’m so over dancers as athletes February 11, 2015

By Sarah Kaufman

The highest praise for a dancer these days is to call her “an athlete.” What is wrong with “artist”? Why prolong the inferiority complex about art? Let’s get past that whole macho-athlete-branding thing. Take a look a this gorgeous dance by Sergei Polunin to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” directed by David LaChapelle:

Museum Angewandte Kunst Hamster – Hipster – Handy: Under the Spellbound of the Mobile Phone February 11, 2015

Many people can no longer imagine everyday life without a mobile phone, or “Handy”, as it is fondly called in the German-speaking world. Its functions meanwhile far exceed making and receiving phone calls: the “cell” is a camera, fashion accessory, computer, flashlight, video screen, GPS device and much more. As complex as it is contradictory, it forms the core of a whole universe of objects. It influences our consumer behaviour, reveals our preferences, and brings in its wake entire complexes of things that wouldn’t exist without the mobile telephone.

Lecture at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo- Lima January 22, 2015 @ 6pm

Join David LaChapelle for a lecture to accompany the opening of his exhibition at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo- Lima on Thursday January 22 at 6pm.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo - Lima
Av. Grau 1511, Barranco, L04, Perú
(511) 5146800

LGBT Center Once Upon A Time And Now February 3- March 3, 2015

The Center is revisiting The Center Show (1989) by reinstalling artworks from artists such as David LaChapelle and incorporating new artwork, under the curatorial direction of Ian Alteveer, Associate Curator in the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

LaChapelles artistic temperament is characterized by an unremitting effort to discover the ever newer possibilities offered by the medium of photography. His works from the 1980's often represent a sort of fusion of photography, collage and graphic art.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo David LaChapelle January 23- April 13, 2015

The MAC is pleased to present a condensed compilation of David LaChapelle’s life’s work thus far. His first series on display, Good News for Modern Man, is a selection of black and white photographs reminiscent of Italian Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelites. Negative Currency follows as large colorful magnifications of international currency. The next selection, Earth Laughs in Flowers, is a take on Flemish still life made modern with flower bouquets adorned with dated everyday household items.

Artsy The 11 Top Gallery Shows of 2014 December 17, 2014

From Basquiat in the buff to Sterling Ruby spray-paintings to Joan Mitchell masterpieces, this list of shows reflects the eclectic tastes of Artsy’s users. Based on traffic on Artsy over the past year, we’ve rounded up the top gallery shows of 2014.

“David LaChapelle: LAND SCAPE” at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

David LaChapelle’s fluorescent photographic investigations into the oil industry filled Paul Kasmin last January. “LAND SCAPE” debuted new works from two series, “Refineries” and “Gas Stations,” which were created from photographing scale models of filling stations and power plants that were constructed by hand from cardboard and disposable materials.

Galerie Daniel Templon Land Scape October 30 - December 23, 2014

American photographer David LaChapelle is returning to Galerie Daniel Templon with a striking exhibition centering on industrial landscapes. Known internationally for his thought-provoking images, LaChapelle’s newest series LAND SCAPE uses hand-crafted scale models to explore the infrastructure of oil production and distribution, illustrating the impact it has on modern society.

Los Angeles Review of Books Photographer Spotlight: David LaChapelle December 12, 2014

David LaChapelle is one of a handful of photographers who need no introduction to anyone who has ever read a glossy magazine. His brash, ultra-vivid photographs have managed to remain startlingly original in the overtrod blitz-and-glitz worlds of fashion and celebrity. But one of the most distinctive aspects of his work has been his ingenuity at injecting pop culture with freewheeling doses of religion, art history, and myth. This flair for philosophical undercurrent has widened into the personal work that has found its way into blue-chip galleries, museums, and art books since he returned to the fine-art realm.

Huffington Post France Land Scape Interview December 4, 2014

Huffington Post France interviews David LaChapelle on the occasion of his solo show Land Scape at Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris.

France 24 Land Scape Interview December 1, 2014

France 24 interviews David LaChapelle on the occasion of his solo show Land Scape at Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris.

Rocca di Frassinello Rapture of the Grape November 24, 2014

Behind the scenes of the unveiling of Rocca di Frassinello's "Rapture of the Grape" by David LaChapelle.

Photo International David LaChapelle fotografierte Ölraffinerien und Tankstellen aus Plastik- und Alumüll. November 20, 2014

Mitten im Nordpazifik schwimmt auf einer Fläche von der Größe der Türkei oder des amerikanischen Bundesstaates Texas das Schand-mal unserer Zivilisation. zo Millionen Kilo Plastikmüll dre-hen sich langsam im Kreis und reisen Meerestiere in den Tod, die ihmin die Fänge kommen: Mee resschildla öten und Wale verheddern sich in Plastikschlingen, Fische und Vögel verwechselndie bunten Re ste von Schraubverschlüssenund Tubendeckeln mit Nahrung und verenden qualvoll. Fünf sol-cher Müllstrudel wurd.e n inzwi schen auf den Weltmeerenge-sichtet, zwei im Patfik,zwei imAtlantik, einer im Indischen Ozean.

Als der amerikanische Fotograf David LaChapelle vor drei Jahren auf die Idee kam, Modelle aus Plastikmüll, Alumini-umlosen und anderen Abfallprodukten unserer Zivilisation zu bauen und sie zufotografieren, dachte er zwar nicht kon-kret an den Plastikmüll im Meer.

Telerama L’étrange virage écolo de David LaChapelle November 11, 2014

Après un burn out, le photographe américain a changé de vie et de sujet d'inspiration, mais pas de style. Explications.

Le 30 octobre dernier, les mordus de David LaChapelle s’étaient donnés rendez-vous à la galerie Daniel Templon pour le vernissage de la nouvelle exposition du photographe américain. Tatouages, manteau jaune canari, tignasse orange ou talons argentés : l’exubérance est de rigueur dans le public, comme dans l’œuvre de LaChapelle. Pourtant, du collectionneur à l’étudiante en art, en passant par un jeune maquilleur hongkongais au style flamboyant, tous se disent « surpris » et « fascinés » par la série d’images présentées.

Connaissance Des Arts Paris Photo Ouvre De Nouveaux Horizons October 2014

Outre ses cent quarante-et-un galeries et vingt—six éditeurs, Paris Photo présente aussi les dernières acquisitions des musées, avec le Salon d'honneur du Grand Palais dévolu au MoMA de New York, ainsi que des collections privées, telle la Fondation Alkhazi et ses clichés du début du siècle en Inde, ou encore le prix BMW 2014, décerné au duo Mazaccio & Drowilal, dont on a pu admirer le kitsch provocateur cet été à Arles. La foire se caractérise par cette mise en perspective de pépites scientifiques ou historiques avec des noms plus médiatiques, à l’exemple de David LaChapelle sur le stand de Daniel Templon, et s’illustre par le nombre de solo shows, au total de vingt cette année.

Phototech David LaChapelle: LAND SCAPE October 2014

La station essence est un motif récurrent de la photographe americaine. Dans les mains de David LaChapelle, cele-ci se pare de couleurs fluo et brille de tous ses feux électriques au milieu d'une végétation luxuriante. Ses raffineries partagent la même esthétique kitsch et tiennent du décor en carton pâte. Décor est d'ailleurs le bon mot, puisque le photographe n'a jamais recours au montage et prefere fabriquer ses mises en scène en studio. Ainsi, c'est bien un telephone, une canette ou un bigoudi que l'on peut apercevoir dans ses maquettes élaborées. Mais derrière l'aspect ludique de la prise de vue demeure un constat plus pessimiste: celui de ta dégradation de notre environnement.

Vanity Fair Italia Qui Fumanole Cannucce October 15, 2014

Se lei e io siamo seduti qui d parlare è per via della rivoluzione industriale e dei carburanti fossili». mi dice David LaChapelle. L'affermazione è meno bizzarra di quanto possa sembrare. Partiamo. intanto, dall'occasione del nostro incon-tro. ovvero una sua mostra fotografica alla galleria Robilant+Voena di Milano. L'esposizione si intitola Land Scape e consiste in immagini di raffinerie petrolifere virate in colori pastello.

Questa almeno è la prima impressione. In realtà, si tratta di modellini costruiti con materiali riciclati: cannucce, bicchie-ri di plastica. bigodini. caricabatterie. «Il mio obiettivo», spiega, «è attirare l'attenzione delle persone. Se guardi queste immagini da lontano, sembrano reali. Ma appena ti avvicini, capisci che c'è qualcosa di strano. Sono foto ritoccate al computer? Fai ancora qualche passo avanti e riconosci i singoli pezzi che le compongono. Molte immagini che hanno come tema l'ecologia sono sgradevoli da guardare. Io uso il colore. la bellezza perché voglio che le persone si fermino a osservare, si prendano tempo per riflettere».

La Stampa David Lachapelle: “Il mio lavoro? Creare momenti di bellezza” October 12, 2014

«Landscape», una nuova mostra di David LaChapelle è allestita alla Galleria Robilant + Voena, a Milano. Marco Voena è con Jacqueline e me all’Hotel Armani. Abbiamo appena incontrato per caso Sophia Loren, a pranzo con un amico. È un bel momento, un momento italiano, e David LaChapelle dice che fotografare Sophia sarebbe un sogno; forse lo farà entro la fine dell’anno a Los Angeles.

Perché vuole fotografare Sophia?
«“La ciociara” sarebbe già una ragione sufficiente. È una delle più grandi bellezze di tutti i tempi. Ha un viso incredibile».

Young Photographers Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award November 5, 2014

On November 5th, 2014 in New York, David LaChapelle will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Young Photographers Alliance for his "exceptional creativity, continuous exploration and keen sense combining art with commerce."

Venue: Morgan Library & Museum
Address: 225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street, New York, NY 10016
Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Time: 7–10pm
More information here

Professional Photographer David LaChapelle: False Idols November 2014

Daisy McCorgray enters the mind of surrealist photographer, DAVID LACHAPELLE, as he discusses the projects Landscape and Gas Stations, and why he left commercial fashion photography behind.

Pharrell, Michael Jackson. Michaelangelo: an absurd combination, perhaps, but these are the people inspiring David LaChapelle in 2014. Looking through the surreal images of iconic excess and grotesque in his expansive portfolio (many of which are familiar for their controversy as much as their style). I was unsure of what to expect as I dialled the Los Angeles number. Yet as the smooth drawl, verging on the hypnotic, travelled down the line, I was drawn into the LaChapelle stream of consciousness. And for the hour spent speaking with the Rene Magritte of the photography world, it all seemed to make perfect sense...

The Telegraph David LaChapelle and his new model Land Scape project October 4, 2014

These shining cathedrals of power are not what they seem. Modelled in miniature from plastic bottles, egg cartons and other waste material, they are the photographer David LaChapelle’s comment on our petroleum-reliant culture.

He was hailed by Richard Avedon as photography’s answer to René Magritte, and certainly David LaChapelle’s hyper-kitsch, neon-rinsed images reveal more than a touch of the surreal. His is a visionary and wholly artificial world, capable of seducing and confusing, often all at once.

LaChapelle, 51, secured his break in 1980 after patronage from Andy Warhol. He was handed a column in Warhol’s Interview magazine after the pair befriended each other at Studio 54.

L'Espresso Il vino secondo il guru della foto David LaChapelle October 6, 2014

La cantina Rocca di Frassinello, in Maremma, festeggia le 10 vendemmie con l'anteprima mondiale di "Rapture of the Grape" l'opera di David LaChapelle diventata etichetta per la serie limitata di bottiglie dello speciale blend a base Sangioveto con Merlot e Cabernet

Dopo i grandi vip di Hollywood e le più acclamate star delle passerelle, dopo le sue interpretazioni dell'ultima cena e le visioni dal clima surreale con cui descrive ogni aspetto della società contemporanea, ilfotografo/artista David LaChapelle, definito per le sue rappresentazioni oniriche il Fellini della fotografia, sceglie diconcentrarsi sul vino.

Così, dopo una visita aRocca di Frassinello in Maremma, invitato da Beatrice Panerai, ammaliato e ispirato dal lavoro in vigna e in cantina, tornato nel suo studio di Los Angeles, ha sentito l'esigenza di trasformare in immagine le sue emozioni.

Daphne Guinness: Evening in Space August 13, 2014

Click below to view the showstudio.com UK release of "Evening in Space," a music video directed by David LaChapelle featuring Daphne Guinness, with music by renowned producer Tony Visconti.

PBS American Masters: The Boomer List Interview September 23, 2014

David LaChapelle appeared in photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' documentary "American Masters: The Boomer List" about the baby boomer generation (1946-1964). The film originally aired on PBS. Click below to view a teaser for the film, followed by the full interview.

Forbes David LaChapelle: From Fashion Photography To Fine Art September 19, 2014

Despite being criticized for being too commercial, offensively provocative and grotesque, David LaChapelle is an essential figure in photography, having been wildly successful working with the biggest names in the entertainment and fashion worlds, contributing his exuberant ideas, boundless creativity and distinctive style. Constructing decadent sets, he staged his models against baroque and delirious backdrops to produce visually-compelling images, each unique in their narrative and evocative content. He has the ability of making his subjects push their characters yet brings across his point with stereotypes associated with their image. He has depicted a turbaned Elizabeth Taylor looking like a $5 fortune-teller, Courtney Love as Virgin Mary, Lady Gaga wearing only screaming headlines, Michael Jackson as a misunderstood martyr, Angelina Jolie in various states of undress and Pamela Anderson baring all in a room plastered with her Playboy spreads. As one of the world’s most in-demand photographers and directors for advertising and publishing, LaChapelle’s imprint is everywhere, having set new standards for glamorous, celebrity portraiture.

Dazed Digital David LaChapelle hits London bus shelter September 15, 2014

Remember when VHS copies of Hellraiser were turning up on bus shelters? Cult American photographer David LaChapelle is at it too now. He's eschewed typical practice and opted to exhibit some of his latest work outside the confines of a gallery and where everyone can see them: the tops of bus shelters in the middle of London.

Ten photographs from his new show Land Scape are currently sitting pretty on bus stop roofs between Aldwych and Trafalgar Square. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Annin Arts and Transport for London, which gave a similar platform to another iconic photographer, Juergen Teller, in February this year.

For Annin Arts director George Annin, selecting LaChapelle as the follow-up artist to Teller was a no-brainer. "LaChapelle is one of the most iconic photographers of our time," explained Annin. "His influence on popular culture is undeniable."

BBC News David LaChapelle photography on top of London bus shelters September 11, 2014

Works by one of the world's most famous photographers have gone on display on the top of bus stops in central London. Images by David LaChapelle show glowing landscapes made from everyday objects such as hair rollers and tins cans. The photographer is famed for his work with pop artists including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Madonna.

The exhibition, which can be seen by people on the top deck of buses, is part of Transport for London's (TfL) celebration of the Year of The Bus. Landscapes runs from 12 - 22 September. The pictures are of handcrafted scale models which are constructed from such items as drinking straws. They can be seen on bus stops outside Somerset House on the Strand, Trafalgar Square and Aldwych. Leon Daniels, TfL's managing director of surface transport, said: "Public exhibitions are a great way of making art available to everyone."

Artlyst London Commuters Turn Art Viewers For David LaChapelle’s Public Photography Project September 15, 2014

Ten images from David LaChapelle’s 'Refineries and Gas' series have suddenly appeared on the top of bus stops in Central London, between Somerset House on the Strand and Trafalgar Square. The photographs were created using scale models made out of everyday objects, and are designed to be viewed from the top deck of a double-decker bus enabling the everyday commuter to become the viewer of a piece of public art whilst travelling to their destination - if they perceptive enough to spot the work.

“In these gadget and app-based times, people don’t have time to go to, say, White Cube and view work as much as they would [like to],” says George Annin, from Annïn Art, which organised the exhibition in collaboration with Transport For London to create the series of public art pieces; “There’s a whole generation of people who are glued to their iPhones. If they are going to engage with some work at any level, positively or negatively, I think it’s better than not seeing any work at all.”

Time Out London Commuter culture: TfL brings top-drawer art to the top deck September 11, 2014

Yes, going to art exhibitions can be food for the mind and a treat for the eyes. But sometimes gallery visits can fall by the wayside when you’re busy with that little thing called life. But what if you could soak up some culture as you commute around the capital? Now we’re talking. In honour of London Fashion Week, from September 12-22 you’ll be able to check out photographs by legendary photographer David LaChapelle from the comfort of your seat on the upper deck when you cruise down the Strand.

Even though LaChapelle is known for his stylish snaps of celebs, this public exhibition features ten images from his ‘fine art collection’ so you’ll be treated to a selection of luminous landscapes made from everyday objects. This may be the only time you hope that there’s a change of drivers/fight/Oyster card fail on your bus to prolong your viewing time. Plus it’ll only cost you the price of a single journey. Or if you don’t want to pay the bus fare, just get a really tall ladder. Bargain.

American Masters: The Boomer List Featuring David LaChapelle September 23, 2014 from 9 - 10:30pm EST

David LaChapelle will appear in photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' documentary American Masters: The Boomer List, airing on Tuesday, September 23rd from 9:00 - 10:30pm EST on PBS. Greenfield-Sanders' 19 large-scale portraits of the film's subjects will be featured in a coffee table book put out by Luxury Press, available on October 1st. The portraits will also be on view at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. "The Boomer List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders" opens September 26th, 2014 and will be on display through June 30th, 2015.

Rapture of the Grape Unveiling in Tuscany Original Wine Label Designed by David LaChapelle October 4, 2014

LaChapelle Studio would like to invite you to the global unveiling of "Rapture of the Grape," an original wine label designed by David LaChapelle for Castellare di Castellina Winery. The unveiling is part of the 10th Harvest of Rocca di Frassinello (both labels are owned by Paolo Panerai) and takes place in Tuscany, Italy on October 4th, 2014.

Stern Magazine David LaChapelle: The Michelangelo of Photography August 21, 2014

New York Magazine once called him “The Fellini of Photography,” and comparisons with significantly older Italians are also conceivable. With its opulent arrangements that deal with religious and ancient myths again and again, photographer David LaChapelle’s work recalls Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo. Again and again he also quotes themes from the Bible, as when he shows rapper Kanye West as Jesus with a crown of thorns. The exhibition “David LaChapelle: Once in the Garden” is on view until September 14th, 2014 in the Ostlicht. Galerie Für Fotografie in Vienna and includes many his famous photographs. In addition, his latest works are on display, including the two-images series “Once in the Garden,” which gave its name to the exhibition.

Flaunt The Selfie Issue: Why Me? June 30, 2014

Flaunt's 15th anniversary issue. Art cover and editorial featuring stills from the short film "Evening in Space," directed by David LaChapelle featuring Daphne Guinness in collaboration with renowned music producer Tony Visconti.

Dazed Digital The US photographer talks adolescence, Andy Warhol and why the American dream failed July 7, 2014

As part of our new digitally-led US project States of Independence we've got 50 American icons to take the Dazed Pop Quiz. Our quick-fire, Proustian Q&A has been sent out to America's biggest and brightest across the states with one running every day for the next six weeks. Today we've got prolific photographer David LaChapelle kicking things off but check back here for more throughout the series.

David LaChapelle’s photographs are a beautiful deception. He seduces the viewer with glamour – hallucinogenic lighting, neon colours, surrealist props and an elaborate set – but on closer inspection, his pictures reveal underlying cultural messages about spirituality, sexuality, religion and politics. It’s a provocative formula that the 51-year-old pioneer has applied to global ad campaigns, glossy editorials and portraits of powerful personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jeff Koons, Muhammad Ali and Tupac Shakur.

Out Of Order Magazine Walt Whitman's Miracles Issue 04, Spring 2014

Out Of Order Magazine Issue 04, Spring 2014, featuring the work of Matthew Barney, David LaChapelle, Larry Clark, Scott Rothkopf, Henry Leutwyler, David Hallberg, Maureen Chiquet, Servane Mary, Mac DeMarco, Josh Kline, Ryan McNamara, Prabal Gurung, Tierney Gearon & Hollywood's Rising Stars

Osservatorio Digitale David LaChapelle a Milano July 2014

Per i più distratti o disinteressati di fotografia, è semplicemente il regista del recente spot televisivo Schweppes con protagonista una Uma Thurman in versione femme fatale. Per i galleristi e i collezionisti che su di lui hanno puntato e puntano, è una versione 100% fotografica di Andy Warhol dalle grandi potenzialità ancora esprimibili. Per gli appassionati di fotografia e di arte, è fonte di ispirazione per le sue rivisitazioni e citazioni pop - sempre coloratissime - dei capolavori della pittura rinascimentale. Per chi ha partecipato alla presentazione organizzata da Phase One in un caldo pomeriggio milanese di inizio giugno, è stata l'occasione per conoscere e ascoltare di persona chi è riuscito a passare dalla fotografia fashion, celebrity ed editorial alla fotografia d'arte restando sempre fedele a se stesso e mantenendosi ai livelli più alti della fotografia mondiale. Ecco il nostro reportage dell'incontro milanese con David LaChapelle.

BBC Hardtalk Interview June 9, 2014

HARDtalk is in the gallery district of London's West End to meet one of the most successful and controversial fashion and celebrity photographers of the last thirty years, David LaChapelle. His story revolves around sex, drugs and provocative pictures. He has the ability to shock and offend, but does his work go deeper?

Life Ball Magazine Paradise in the Backyard May 2014

Guy? Girl? Porn? Provocation? Not at all. Photographer David LaChapelle staged a mythical creature in the Garden of Eden for the Life Ball poster. An ambassadress of tolerance who reminds us that true beauty knows no gender.

Garden of Eden. The green grass glistens with nectar. A delicate pink cloud floats through the branches. Ambrosia? Its allure is irresistible. The warm light of a bizarre standing sun shines out from somewhere. This is what dusk must be like on Venus. At the heart of the scene, a goddess. She doesn't say anything, but rather lets her body speak. Somewhere a hungry animal makes a clicking sound. With each click, the creature's appearance changes. A short distance away, a man is crouching in deep concentration. He appears calm on the outside, but is full of wonder, like a small child. You can see it in the pupils of his eyes.

New York Post David LaChapelle ramps up security against neo-Nazis June 7, 2014

Fashion photographer David LaChapelle’s faced some dangerous assignments — like shooting last year’s Kardashian family Christmas card — but he wasn’t taking any chances when he landed in Vienna for the Life Ball.

The lensman has become the target of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO), which has been described as neo-Nazi, after he created posters for the annual Austrian HIV/AIDS gala depicting naked transgender model Carmen Carrera in a garden with alternately female and male genitalia.

“David and Carmen both had four bodyguards each from the minute they landed in Vienna until the minute they left,” said a rep for the photographer, who had an exhibition at a Vienna gallery this week following the Life Ball, which included nude images of Carrera.

Artlyst David LaChapelle: Modern Temples Of Consumerist Worship An Ominous Vision June 6, 2014

In the first of our Artist to Artist series Michal Cole talks to and reviews the American photographer David LaChapelle's latest London exhibition 'Land Scape' at ROBILANT + VOENA.

David LaChapelle’s 'Land Scape' exhibition at ROBILANT + VOENA is a celebration of colours and textures presented in large format photographs. His work is magnetic; you can not help be attracted to its glitter and vibrancy. Standing in-front of what first seems to be a selection of oil refineries, magically glowing against a vast open space or infinite sky, you are riveted. The architecture manifests like beautiful shrines - modern temples of consumerist worship. The seduction is overwhelmingly compelling, like a child standing for the first time at the gates of Disneyland- blissfully unaware of the financial systems such a place comprises.

The Advocate David LaChapelle on Life Ball, Censorship, and Identity June 4, 2014

In May celebrated photographer David LaChapelle unveiled his poster for Vienna-based HIV and AIDS charity event Life Ball. The poster, which features two nude images of transgender model Carmen Carrera, has stirred controversy abroad, with some calling the work “pornographic” and “degenerate.” The right-wing Freedom Party of Austria has taken to defacing the poster wherever it is displayed and has threatened to sue Life Ball organizers.

“Life Ball invited me to make an image for them, and I had an idea to use a transgender model who still had her— uh, I don't know what to say ... the political correctness in this situation will drive me crazy, and I don't want to just say 'penis,' but I wanted to use a woman who had both male and female attributes," LaChapelle tells The Advocate. "A woman with ... well, it's in Vienna, so let's say sausage."

Die Presse LaChapelle: „Was regt die Leute auf? Ein Penis, ein Busen?“ June 5, 2014

David LaChapelle findet die Debatten über sein Plakat zum Life Ball „erschreckend“. Er glaubt, dass die Welt am Abgrund steht, speziell seine Heimat Amerika.

David LaChapelle: Ich kam von Hawaii nach Los Angeles, um ein Musikvideo zu drehen. Dann sah ich auf meinem Computer diese Oma mit der Spraydose und wie stolz sie auf ihre Aktion war. Wir lachten. Es kommt öfter vor, dass Leute auf meine Plakate was draufschreiben. Aber dann habe ich mehr über die FPÖ gelesen und dass sie den Life Ball und Gery Keszler klagen, das fand ich erschreckend. Sind diese Leute gewalttätig? Worüber regen sich diese Menschen so auf, über einen Penis, einen Busen? Ich verstehe nicht, was an diesem Plakat so provozierend ist. Wenn Sie den Fernseher aufdrehen, sehen Sie nichts als Gewalt: Das ist eine Industrie, mit der sehr viel Geld verdient wird!

London Times Why David LaChapelle turned his back on celebrity and got serious May 28, 2014

It is 4am in the photographer David LaChapelle’s Hollywood studio. A bright pink nearly naked “alien” in silver boots is creeping down the steps of a spaceship to plant a kiss on the mouth of the Irish/British artist and model Daphne Guinness. She is reclining, eyes shut, on a chaise longue wearing a sculptural gold metallic minidress. LaChapelle’s artistic team are clustered round the monitor, studying the footage. “It doesn’t make sense,” says someone in agitation. “She was wearing white when the alien carried her into the spaceship.”

“It makes sense in space,” LaChapelle whispers raspily: he has lost his voice after three days directing a music video and photoshoot to accompany Guinness’s forthcoming single, An Evening in Space. Making sense is not a top priority in LaChapelle’s work. Bizarre, surreal, sensual: yes. Gritty reportage: no. “Of all the photographers inventing surreal images, it is Mr LaChapelle who has the potential to be the genre’s Magritte,” said the photographer Richard Avedon.

The Guardian David LaChapelle's best shot: Naomi Campbell and the rape of Africa May 28, 2014

In 2009, I read an exposé about the gold trade in National Geographic magazine. Then, later that year, I found myself looking at Botticelli's Venus and Mars in London's National Gallery. I was struck by its power. It's a postcoital scene: Mars, god of war, is sleeping on all his spoils, while Venus, goddess of love, is looking unsatisfied. Things haven't changed much, I thought. Greed and war versus love and beauty.

I decided to take elements from the painting and transform them. Satyrs became child soldiers; I made Venus's dress ripped, alluding to rape, and there's a mine visible through a hole in the backdrop. I was thinking a lot about the gold mines in Africa, the deplorable conditions for workers and damage the mines do to the environment. They are so huge you can see them from space.

I wanted Venus to represent Africa, a continent that has been, and continues to be, raped – because that's where all the resources lie. Botticelli used Simonetta Vespucci, an aristocrat famous for her beauty, as his model.

Art Daily OstLicht Galerie für Fotografie opens exhibition of works by David LaChapelle June 2, 2014

VIENNA.- During the past three decades, David LaChapelle has created an extraordinary and unmistakeable oeuvre. He has worked with innumerable pop and film stars, and his powerful, provocative, humorous, glamorous, but also surreal and usually extremely colourful works have had a lasting influence on the world of photography and the aesthetics of the visual realm. The gallery OstLicht presents the exhibition David LaChapelle. Once in the Garden, featuring well-known icons of the last twenty years like Amanda Lepore: Addicted to Diamonds, Celebrity Gleam and Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Liz Taylor alongside three of his latest groups of works: Earth Laughs in Flowers, Gas and Land Scape.

Through his exploration of subjects like spirituality and religion, personality cult and physicalness, and by questioning social norms of gender and sexuality, David LaChapelle has managed to influence public awareness.

Out Magazine EXCLUSIVE: David LaChapelle Responds To Life Ball Poster Controversy May 24, 2014

Last week, the unveiling of David LaChapelle's poster for the Life Ball received mixed reaction. While some commended the photographer's artwork for depicting trans model Carmen Carrera fully naked, with both male and female attributes, the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), an extreme-right political group, has called the picture "pornographic" and launched a campaign to sue the organizers of the HIV/AIDS benefit. In an exclusive interview, LaChapelle talks to Out to address the controversy, and ask for more acceptance of transgender subjects in art.

Out: What exactly is happening in Austria?

David LaChapelle: The images that I shot of Carmen Carrera are in public, posted on the streets, on bus stops, train stations, and billboards around Vienna ahead of the Life Ball. The far-right party of Austria, FPO, is now suing Life Ball because because they’re saying that the images are pornographic.

Vice This NSFW Poster Is Driving Austrians Mad May 29, 2014

There's a penis upsetting huge swathes of Austrians right now, it's that one up there, and it belongs to transgender reality TV personality Carmen Carrera. Right now, throughout the country, this amazing David LaChapelle poster is pasted on Austrian streets, advertising this year’s Life Ball in Vienna, which is probably the world’s most famous AIDS charity event.

Basically, some Austrian conservatives aren't too pleased with Carmen's dick because Carmen's dick sits beneath Carmen's tits – a combo which has never sat well with conservatives. Austria’s far-right party, the FPÖ, have filed a lawsuit against it, and one grandmother took to the streets to paint over every penis in town, supposedly after she was asked by her grandchild if she had a cock herself (which doesn't sound like a true story to me – what kid actually asks their gran questions like that?).

Huffington Post David LaChapelle Features Carmen Carrera In Life Ball Posters (NSFW) May 13, 2014

Beloved photographer David LaChapelle has released his poster designs for the annual Life Ball, and they feature one of our favorite models and transgender icons: Carmen Carrera.

According to LaChapelle, the posters are inspired by the Life Ball’s theme, “’The Garden of Earthly Delights’ and Hieronymus Bosch’s utopia of a diverse society, living together passionately and peacefully, as if the Fall of Man had never happened and people had never been expelled from Paradise.” The posters were unveiled in Vienna yesterday.

Carrera points out that the artwork’s statement, “I’m Adam, I’m Eve, I’m Me” has a special resonance for her. “Your gender should not matter in your heart or in the way you express your personality... My message is: beauty has no gender. At the end of the day beauty is beauty.”

New York Post Austrian political group protests David LaChapelle’s work May 22, 2014

Artist and photographer David LaChapelle has been targeted by a far-right wing Austrian group that claims the posters he created for this year’s starry Life Ball on May 31 are pornographic.

The poster, displayed in Vienna, has two images of busty transgender model Carmen Carrera naked in a garden with alternately female and male genitalia. “I’m Adam. I’m Eve. I’m Me,” reads a tag line.

Organizers said the artwork celebrates the HIV/AIDS benefit’s 2014 theme, “The Garden of Earthly Delights.”

But Austria’s far right Freedom Party (FPO) claims the images are illegal smut.
“The transgender poster . . . does not just cross the boundaries of good taste . . . but . . . also the limits of criminal law,” an FPO rep said. But LaChapelle told us most Austrians have been supportive.

Unimag Ausstellung: David LaChapelle im OstLicht May 21, 2014

David LaChapelle hat in den vergangenen drei Jahrzehnten ein außergewöhnliches und unverkennbares Werk geschaffen. Er hat mit unzähligen Pop- und Filmstars gearbeitet und mit seinen kraftvollen, provokanten, humorvollen, glamourösen aber auch surrealen und meist knallbunten Arbeiten die Welt der Fotografie und die Ästhetik der Bildwelt nachhaltig geprägt. Die Galerie OstLicht präsentiert in der Ausstellung David LaChapelle. ONCE IN THE GARDEN neben bekannten Ikonen aus den letzten zwanzig Jahren, wie "Amanda Lepore: Addicted to Diamonds", "Celebrity Gleam" oder "Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Liz Taylor", drei seiner neuesten Werkgruppen: "Earth Laughs in Flowers", "Gas" und "Land Scape".

Durch seine Auseinandersetzung mit Themen wie Spiritualität und Religion, Personenkult und Körperlichkeit und mit der Hinterfragung gesellschaftlicher Normen von Geschlecht und Sexualität gelang es David LaChapelle, das öffentliche Bewusstsein zu beeinflussen.

Master Art LaChapelle’s landscapes may be stunning but they are far from what they seem May 14, 2014

Multi-talented American photographer David LaChapelle excels in many mediums. He is a noted fashion and fine art photographer, music video director, film director and artist but is best known as a photographer having snapped celebrities from Jeff Koons and Hilary Clinton to Madonna and produced cover shots of Italian and French Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.

But since 2006 LaChapelle, 51, has concentrated on fine art photography and you can see his latest body of work from May 16 to June 18 in ‘Landscape’ at Robilant and Voena’s Mayfair gallery at 38 Dover Street.

Characteristically deceptive this series of photographs seemingly depict oil refineries as temples of energy production shot in glorious technicolour.

Artlyst David LaChapelle Explores Apocalyptic Luminosity In New Landscapes Exhibition May 12, 2014

The celebrated American artist David LaChapelle is presented in a new exhibition of landscapes at Robilant & Voena, in London. Characteristically deceptive, the series of eight photographs seemingly depict oil refineries as temples of energy production shot in glorious technicolour. On closer inspection we realise that these are far from real, rather we notice oddly recognisable objects – mobile phones, cans, egg cartons, drinking straws – a plethora of repurposed by-products of our disposable age – making up gigantic complexly handcrafted scenes. Made out of cardboard and a vast array of recycled materials these scapes were then shot variously in the Californian desert or in the artist’s LA studio, in production for over a year. They lure and repel in equal measure and question the assumptions we make about our petroleum-dependent culture, the recycling of energy and the consequences of recycling it irresponsibly. They appear magical, but LACHAPELLE would ultimately have us remember the decidedly unmagical consequences of the reality.

ARTnews Land Scape at Paul Kasmin Gallery: "Ominous as it is Lovely" May 2014

Known for extravagantly staged, hyper-real images of celebrities from the worlds of film and fashion, David LaChapelle is a crossover editorial portraitist whose work could be compared to the spooky and colorful environments of Sandy Skoglund as well as to the photographic confections of French artist duo Pierre et Gilles. For this exhibition, LaChapelle surprised viewers by presenting extremely large chromogenic prints that are devoid of people but still possess the artist's familiar sense of flash.

Consisting of two new series, "Refineries" and "Gas Stations," the exhibition, titled "LAND SCAPE," addressed contemporary environmental issues while stylishly alluding to art history. Models of factories and gas stations were crafted from disposable items such as drinking straws, hair curlers, glittered boxes, and energy-drink cans, and were lit from within. The resulting images were as elaborately and handsomely jerry-rigged as the structures are. At the same time they appear to be on the brink of falling apart, like set pieces from a deceptive stage play.

French Photo, 2014 La Gaze Pour David LaChapelle March - April, 2014

La Gaze Pour David LaChapelle!

Les Deux Nouvelles Series, Land Scape et Jungle Gas Station, Du Plus Raffine Des Photographes Americains.

Qui, de la poule ou de l’oeuf…Bigoudis, pailles ou gobelets: au quotidian, nous employons de banals objets issus des energies fossils sans meme y penser. David LaChapelle nouse interpelle en les utilisant pour creer des images de raffineries. Autre pan de son questionnement, les stations-services trouant la nature comme des apparitions. Photo a interviewe l’artiste pour en savior plus.

Four Magazine Glitz & Glamour March 21, 2014

The diversity and variety of David LaChapelle’s work have no boundaries. His colour-saturated works are usually chock full of celebrities, cultural delirium and religiosity, writes Eva-Luise Schwarz exclusively for FOUR's latest International edition.

Photographer and director David LaChapelle is one of today’s most respected artists. Once called “the Fellini of photography”, he expresses cultural criticism through beauty, colour and boldness.

LaChapelle was born in Connecticut in 1963. After training as a fine artist at North Carolina School of the Arts he moved to New York at the age of 17. Upon his arrival, LaChapelle enrolled at both the Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts.

Venü Magazine David LaChapelle: From Celebrity to Refinery March 26, 2014

Whether they are über celebrities or imposing oil refineries, fine art photographer David LaChapelle treats his subjects with iconic reverence as he skillfully orchestrates images of astonishing clarity, colorful vitality, and lyric expression. The message is decisive and bold yet it conveys the soft reveries of friendships lost through untimely deaths and once beautiful landscapes that have been debased by America's lust for power and industry.

In his work from the 1980s, LaChapelle, a Manhattan resident at the time, delved into themes of religion, sex, death, politics, money and consumption. Since moving to Hawaii in the late 1990s, LaChapelle — living on an organic farm that was formerly a nudist colony on the coast of Maui — has changed his focus to concentrate on the raping of our beautiful landscapes by private interests. The subjects have changed but LaChapelle's reverence for them, whether human or manmade, remain strong, compelling, and evocative. Whether figurescape or landscape — his intentions remain similarly focused.

New York Times Bionic Yarn Launch February 9, 2014

The Museum of Natural History was a rare hub of Fashion Week activity on Saturday night, when Pharrell Williams and G-Star Raw celebrated a partnership in which the denim company will manufacture clothing with Bionic Yarn, a textile that includes recycled plastic bottles, in a project meant to help clean up the world’s oceans.

“It can do anything that you’re wearing right now, as long as it’s not metal or leather,” said Mr. Williams, who wore a striped shirt made from the material, along with his now-infamous hat. “It’s a practice of awareness, but also making a solution that works.”

David LaChapelle, the photographer and dedicated eco-warrior, gave introductory remarks. Later, at the bar, he offered environmental advice. “The second biggest thing you can do for the environment is to be a vegan,” he said. “The first is not to procreate. But if you have a kid, raise him vegan."

Vs Magazine Better Art February 1, 2014

In the rapidly transforming world of CONTEMPORARY ART, how can we define “better art”? The one constant seems to be current artists’ determination to forge new paths and expand the art world. From comedian Cheech Marin to photographer David LaChapelle to unapologetic feminist Micol Hebron, we asked the newest class of revolutionaries for their opinions about how to make art better. Their answers may surprise you.

What does “better art” look like? Is it even a question to be asking? Besides elusive matters of aesthetic taste, perhaps we should focus on the experience and lasting value of art in culture in general. On TRANSCENDING THE TRENDS of the marketplace and getting at deeper issues like how the public interfaces with art, or how art can convey social, political, and historical messages (assuming that’s its preferred role), or how to identify the most effective strategies for artists (as well as curators, institutions, fairs, galleries, critics and collectors) to implement their visions, maybe even leaving room for failure.

Time Magazine Refined Art February 17, 2014

In the real world, oil makes manufacturing possible. But in this model world - as created by David LaChapelle - manufactured items, such as curlers and cups, make up an oil refinery. The photographer’s latest series, which explores the production and consumption of fossil fuels, is on view through March 1 at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York City.

David LaChapelle’s “LAND SCAPE” is on view from January 17 - March 1, 2014 at Paul Kasmin Gallery, which is located at 293 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001 and is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am - 6pm.

FAD Preview 2014: David LaChapelle, LAND SCAPE at Paul Kasmin Gallery December 19, 2013

LAND SCAPE is an exhibition of new photographs by David LaChapelle, comprised of two series: Refineries and Gas Stations.

“The sites depicted in LaChapelle’s LAND SCAPE represent the globally networked industrial infrastructure of oil production and distribution. The gas stations and refineries that populate iconic locations are staged as architectural avatars of a planet coping with the stresses of peak-oil — even as the buildings’ dazzling spectacle and retro-future aesthetic distracts from the dangers of their function. Both bodies of work use handcrafted scale models, constructed of cardboard and a vast array of recycled materials from egg cartons to tea canisters, hair curlers, and other by-products of our petroleum-based, disposability-obsessed culture.”

–Shana Nys Dambrot, LAND SCAPE

Interview Magazine David LaChapelle's Industrial Hallucinations January 28, 2014

After retiring from fashion and most commercial photography in 2006, David LaChapelle moved to Hawaii, planning to spend his days farming and relaxing in the tropics. The decision was inspired by his growing interest in the environment and climate change–concerns that fashion magazines, from his angle, could not seriously address. The transition, however, did not stop the 50-year-old photographer from dreaming in pictures ("Images drop in my head," he explains). Now that the barely-dressed models are gone, his subjects involve even less clothing. In "LAND SCAPE" at Paul Kasmin, LaChapelle conjures hallucinogenic renderings of industry. Factory refineries become psychedelic, candy-colored theme parks, and gas stations hidden in the jungle are akin to Indiana Jones' temples. The scenes are devoid of humans, yet a closer look reveals traces of them: cardboard, plastic hair-curlers, cups, straws, and more make up the edifices. "I like to see the craft involved," mentions LaChapelle. "You see all the defects, the tape, the fingerprints...they give it a human feeling."

W Magazine David LaChapelle: Land Scape - The former fashion photographer refocuses his lens January 22, 2014

After abandoning the world of fashion photography in 2006 for a more reclusive life on a nudist colony turned working farm in Maui, Hawaii, David LaChapelle is returning to the spotlight with "Land Scape,” a new exhibition now open at Paul Kasmin Gallery. “I was in Maui, just hanging out, not thinking about anything in particular and this image of a gas station just popped into my head,” explains LaChapelle of his new, larger-than-life photographs, “It looked like a temple lit up in the jungle at night.”

Leggy models and advertiser-friendly stilettos have been replaced by miniature gas stations constructed out of recycled materials, and yet the brightly hued, energetic aesthetic is unmistakably the work of LaChapelle. “I try to use beauty to draw people in instead of repel them,” said the artist-turned-environmental activist. “And hopefully through these images I am able to make a connection.”
“Land Scape” is on exhibit at Paul Kasmin through March 1st, 2014.

Huffington Post David LaChapelle's Art and Awareness Through LAND SCAPE January 20, 2014

One of the most compelling features of David LaChapelle, as an artist and as a person, is the ability to navigate from the Hollywood celebrity scene to the New York contemporary art circuit with ease. I have been following David's career for many years and he never fails to impress me. There is something about his pieces, perhaps the surreal quality of his photographs, that draw me in and prompt my desire to see and know more. As both a person and an artist, David isn't afraid to explore deep topics while at the same time reflect them in beautifully accomplished photographs drenched in balmy hues and vigorous compositions.

I caught up with David in the midst of the installation of his most recent solo show at Paul Kasmin Gallery. The exhibit, LAND SCAPE, is comprised of two series of new photographs: Refineries and Gas Stations. The centerpiece of David's new body of work is based on the fact that oil production has forever changed the course of history and of human development.

Vanity Fair David LaChapelle’s “Land Scape” January 24, 2014

Fine-art and commercial photographer David LaChapelle has captured everything from Paris Hilton to Jesus as a “homeboy” in his brilliant, candy-colored images. His latest body of work, “Land Scape,” shifts into a new focus for him: peak oil and culture’s excessive waste of its by-products. Creating elaborate sets from cardboard and recycled materials, such as hair curlers and egg cartons, LaChapelle transported the scale models to Maui and the coastlines of California to create and photograph dazzling scenes of man-made structures tarnishing their surroundings. The collection of photographs, made up of two series called Refineries and Gas Stations, is currently on display at the Paul Kasmin Gallery.

Vocative Fossil Fuel Photography February 3, 2014

Commercial photographer David LaChapelle, known for his photographs of Paris Hilton and Nicki Minaj, shoots man-made gas stations and oil refineries in new glowing photographs.

David LaChapelle, commercial photographer to the stars, takes on a new political agenda in his latest collection of pictures, known as “Land SCAPE.”

The surrealist photographs, in which LaChapelle captures fluorescent, man-made gas stations and oil refineries in two different series (Gas Stations and Oil Refineries), feature retro-futuristic constructions in two outdoor settings. These “architectural avatars,” as described in LaChapelle’s exhibition material, are made of cardboard, recycled materials and myriad waste products that proliferate our “disposability-obsessed culture.”

PSFK David LaChapelle Calls Attention to Glorified Wastefulness With Built-To-Scale Dioramas January 27, 2014

David LaChapelle is well-known for his flashy, glamorous magazine covers, but a new photography exhibition sees the artist dabbling in environmental commentary. LAND SCAPE features a series of photographs that depict international symbols of waste like refineries and gas stations, and utilize over-saturated and fantastical colors to distract from the dangers that these buildings pose on their surrounding lands.

“The gas stations and refineries that populate iconic locations are staged as architectural avatars of a planet coping with the stresses of peak oil,” explains art critic Shana Nys Dambrot.

Both the Refineries and Gas Station series were originally created in the form of scale models that utilize recyclable by-products of petroleum, such as cardboard waste, hair curlers, egg cartons, and tea canisters. The two scenes were photographed in two different locations: The Refineries series was shot along the coastlines of California, and the Gas Station series was shot on location in the rainforest of Maui.

Factory Two Four David LaChapelle: Land Scape January 20, 2014

You may know David LaChapelle’s name from having shot the 2013 Kardashian family Christmas card. However, if that is where you know him from you may want to re-evaluate some life choices since it’s a lonely world for a man that can spout-out that fact as quickly as he can tell you what day it is, Monday. Though many still don’t know him by name or his art, the latter you’ve undoubtedly seen. From his controversial Rolling Stone cover depicting Kanye as Jesus to countless other covers and celebrity portraits and his feature length documentary Rize to numerous music videos including, a personal favorite, Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” video you’ve most likely seen his work.You may know David LaChapelle’s name from having shot the 2013 Kardashian family Christmas card. However, if that is where you know him from you may want to re-evaluate some life choices since it’s a lonely world for a man that can spout-out that fact as quickly as he can tell you what day it is, Monday. Though many still don’t know him by name or his art, the latter you’ve undoubtedly seen. From his controversial Rolling Stone cover depicting Kanye as Jesus to countless other covers and celebrity portraits and his feature length documentary Rize to numerous music videos including, a personal favorite, Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” video you’ve most likely seen his work.

Architecural DIgest David LaChapelle's Latest Photography Series Comes To Paul Kasmin Gallery January 23, 2014

In photographer David LaChapelle’s latest series, no actors or musicians pose in garish costume; no models act out fantastic scenes on exaggerated sets. In fact, no humans appear at all. Though LaChapelle is known for his highly-stylized images of high-profile figures—among them Elton John, Madonna, Lil’ Kim, and Björk—the photographs in the artist’s collection “Land SCAPE,” now on view at Paul Kasmin Gallery, find their subjects in hand-built models of gas stations and refineries.

There is a postapocalyptic element to the structures, which are shot in such a way so as to appear life-size. Glittering refineries, devoid of workers, sit alone in the desert or on vacant coastline. Elsewhere, in dense rain forest, we encounter glowing fuel pumps, empty of cars or customers, the jungle slowly encroaching. This notion of forgotten worlds is not lost on LaChapelle. “These buildings are artifacts of a fallen civilization,” he told AD on the eve of the show’s opening. “If some future archaeologist were to uncover a gas station, like our archaeologists uncover Incan temples, that would be an indicator of what made this civilization rise and fall.”

Time Out New York David LaChapelle talks about his new gallery show "Land Scape" January 15, 2014

Once among the highest-paid commercial photographers, David LaChapelle curtailed his lucrative career in 2005, bought a farm in Hawaii and returned to his artistic roots—a life change that’s led to museum and gallery shows worldwide. Time Out New York talked to the Maui artist about his new “Gas Station” and “Refineries” series, which comment on our consumption of—and addiction to—oil.

How did these projects come about?
I had this idea of a glowing temple in the rain forest that was a little gas station. As the project progressed, I began thinking about what it meant. Everyone goes to the gas station, whether you’re in the tea party or the Taliban. It’s universal. But it’s had a devastating effect on the planet.

Blouin ArtInfo Reasonable Art: David LaChapelle’s “LAND SCAPE January 17, 2014

Given world renowned photographer David LaChapelle’s immersion in the realm of celebrity and pop culture — including his recent starring role in creating the Kardashian family’s most over-the-top Christmas card yet — it is hard not to be partly taken aback by the subject matter in his new exhibition: dramatic shots of oil refineries and gas stations that offer extensive discourse on the precarious state of the planet and the human race.

“LAND SCAPE,” LaChapelle’s latest show at Chelsea’s Paul Kasmin Gallery, tackles these issues through large-scale chromomeric prints of handcrafted and hauntingly lit manmade sets.

“I just had this image in my head of a gas station in the jungle like a little glowing temple,” LaChapelle told ARTINFO several days before the exhibition’s January 17 opening, during an interview at the gallery. “I didn’t know what it meant at the time. I just saw the image and I thought it was beautiful. I told my friend and we started building models out of simple materials like cardboard.”

Flaunt Magazine David LaChapelle: Oil, Scale, And POV Ass to Mouth in Orgiastic Analog December 12, 2013

Here’s the deal. You wouldn’t have done any of this, David LaChapelle wouldn’t have taken the photos in this feature, we wouldn’t have printed this magazine, and Obamacare wouldn’t be causing grief, if not for oil. Therein is the focus, the crux, the cookie crumble. The bees knees, the Don Johnson, the cat’s pajamas. See his optically elusive renderings lurking in the jungle, providing power to no one, and everyone. It’s all the same, he’ll say, a pool, exhausted, nauseated, overwhelmed, hurried, needy, pleading, ready, primed, exorbitant: this modern life. What some gung ho motherfuckers extracted from the grounds of Pennsylvania, or Mesopotamia, or wherever it’s argued this can-do came from, good or bad it is not. We humans, though, we have our variances, our capabilities. David LaChapelle is a contemporary artist, who came up with oil, like you and everyone else. He’s a visionary, he’s a lot of fun.

Black Book David LaChapelle’s Dystopian Fantasy: In His Own Words January 16, 2014

“LAND SCAPE,” David LaChapelle’s new show opening tomorrow at Paul Kasmin Gallery, finds the photographer flirting with his inner Thomas Demand. It features a series of slickly produced compositions, all of which appear to be lurid industrial scenes (perhaps snapped along one of New Jersey’s more toxic arteries). In reality, they’re all constructed models, cobbled together out of simple materials. “In a conflicted manner, the photographs in the series present the future: a dystopian terrain that is at once enticing and fearsome, familiar and foreign,” he says. I asked LaChapelle to share a bit of the behind-the-scenes process for two of the new works.

Phaidon David LaChapelle takes on Big Oil January 17-March 1, 2014

At first glance David LaChapelle's Land Scape series of photographs look a little like Edward Burtynsky's 2009 oil-industry images, or Ed Ruscha's better-known Twenty Six Gas Stations series. Yet on closer inspection, these refineries and petrol pumps aren't lifelike representations, but photographs of scale models, crafted from consumer goods, such as hair curlers, that are themselves made with a little help from oil industry derivatives.

In an accompanying essay for Land Scape, on show at Paul Kasmin in New York until 1 March, the critic and curator Shana Nys Dambrot writes that LaChapelle's series "represents the globally networked industrial infrastructure of oil production and distribution. The gas stations and refineries that populate iconic locations are staged as architectural avatars of a planet coping with the stresses of peak-oil, - even as the buildings' dazzling spectacle and retro-future aesthetic distracts from the dangers of their function."