NPR June 21, 2005


SIMON: Any documentaries you'd like to recommend?

MITCHELL: There's a great documentary called "Rize," directed by the fashion style photographer David LaChapelle, about inner-city kids in South Central LA who turn away from violence and turn towards dance, and have these astonishing dance competitions that essentially work as a kind of a de facto cultural underground. You've got to really know where to go to find these places out. And LaChapelle, who found a lot of these kids when he used them in music videos, decided to spend time with them and investigate their lives. He made a short last year called "Krumped," which is about the dance style they use, and expanded that into a feature. And it's just compelling and probably one of the movies that's the talk of the festival.

SIMON: WEEKEND EDITION entertainment critic Elvis Mitchell, who also hosts "The Treatment" on KCRW, speaking with us from Park City, Utah.

By Elvis Mitchell