Museum Frieder Burda

Zurück Zur Natur?
April 13 - August 18, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Museum Frieder Burda's Salon Berlin will be exhibiting David LaChapelle's Gas Chevron (2012) & Gas am pm (2012) as a part of the upcoming show "Zurück Zur Natur?" (Back to Nature?).
The show will run from April 13th through August 18th and will be held at the Museum Frieder Burda's gallery project space in Berlin, Germany.

Closely connected with the Museum in Baden-Baden, Salon Berlin, under the curatorial direction of Patricia Kamp, presents the diverse aspects of the museum programme and the Frieder Burda Collection. The exhibition space sees itself as a forum for international contemporary art, both a showroom and a space for experimentation for Museum Frieder Burda.

Auguststraße 11-13
10117 Berlin
Thu - Sat, 12.00 am - 18.00 pm

For more information please visit gallery's site

Salon Berlin
Auguststraße 11-13
10117 Berlin