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Once in the Garden
June 2 - September 14, 2014
Vienna, Austria

Stern Magazine David LaChapelle: The Michelangelo of Photography August 21, 2014

New York Magazine once called him “The Fellini of Photography,” and comparisons with significantly older Italians are also conceivable. With its opulent arrangements that deal with religious and ancient myths again and again, photographer David LaChapelle’s work recalls Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo. Again and again he also quotes themes from the Bible, as when he shows rapper Kanye West as Jesus with a crown of thorns. The exhibition “David LaChapelle: Once in the Garden” is on view until September 14th, 2014 in the Ostlicht. Galerie Für Fotografie in Vienna and includes many his famous photographs. In addition, his latest works are on display, including the two-images series “Once in the Garden,” which gave its name to the exhibition.

Vice This Is What A Real Woman Looks Like (According to Austrian Bigots) July 9, 2014

Remember the NSFW Life Ball poster that drove Austria mad? Looks like the photograph of a woman with breasts AND penis got so high up some people's grill that the Freedom Party (FPÖ) (i.e. Austria's far-right guys) took it upon themselves to show us "what a real woman looks like."

Enter the poster. Put together by the youth division of the FPÖ (Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend), this naked blond and blue-eyed female is the bigots' response to transgender reality TV personalities, Conchita Wurst, gender-sensitive pronouns, and other recent attempts at making Austria a little more fun.

Dazed Digital The US photographer talks adolescence, Andy Warhol and why the American dream failed July 7, 2014

As part of our new digitally-led US project States of Independence we've got 50 American icons to take the Dazed Pop Quiz. Our quick-fire, Proustian Q&A has been sent out to America's biggest and brightest across the states with one running every day for the next six weeks. Today we've got prolific photographer David LaChapelle kicking things off but check back here for more throughout the series.

David LaChapelle’s photographs are a beautiful deception. He seduces the viewer with glamour – hallucinogenic lighting, neon colours, surrealist props and an elaborate set – but on closer inspection, his pictures reveal underlying cultural messages about spirituality, sexuality, religion and politics. It’s a provocative formula that the 51-year-old pioneer has applied to global ad campaigns, glossy editorials and portraits of powerful personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jeff Koons, Muhammad Ali and Tupac Shakur.

Dolce Vita David LaChapelle: Self Portrait as House June 2014

Těsně před létem se Dolce Vita stěhuje, tedy alespoň obrazně. V červnovém čísle se totiž věnujeme tuzemským developerským projektům (s.80) i legendám světové architektury a jejich urbanistickým počinům. ohlédnout si můžete litinový chrám v New •rku od Shigeru Bana (s.50), nový komplex Bikini Berlin (s.52), kam hromadně migrují cool Němci, či unikátní znovuobjevený keramický salonek zřejmě od Jana Kotěry (s.60). Do svého imaginárního domečku nás nechal nahlédnout také mistr provokatér, fotograf David LaChapelle (na této dvojstraně).

Der Standard David LaChapelle: Bitte freimachen! June 13, 2014

Die Mode hat er hinter sich gelassen, aber nicht die Welt des Glitzers und Glamours. Ein Treffen mit "Skandalfotograf" David LaChapelle, der die Fotoszene der vergangenen 30 Jahre maßgeblich mitbestimmte.

Er ist der Mann der falschen Brüste. Der muskulösen Körper und der auftoupierten Haare. Hält David LaChapelle irgendwo seine Kamera drauf, dann wird die Welt in ein leuchtendes Pink getaucht. Es ist das Pink von Barbie und von knappen Tanktops. Ein Pink, das keine Fragen offenlässt.

Jetzt sitzt David LaChapelle in der Fotogalerie Ostlicht im zehnten Wiener Gemeindebezirk und erzählt von seinem Leben im Dienste der Schönheit. Die vergangenen Tage hat er in einem Rausch aus Life Ball, Partys und Pressekonferenzen verbracht, und noch immer ist er ziemlich aufgekratzt. "I love beauty", sagt der Mann und zieht das Wort dabei so in die Länge, wie das nur Amerikaner können.

New York Post David LaChapelle ramps up security against neo-Nazis June 7, 2014

Fashion photographer David LaChapelle’s faced some dangerous assignments — like shooting last year’s Kardashian family Christmas card — but he wasn’t taking any chances when he landed in Vienna for the Life Ball.

The lensman has become the target of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO), which has been described as neo-Nazi, after he created posters for the annual Austrian HIV/AIDS gala depicting naked transgender model Carmen Carrera in a garden with alternately female and male genitalia.

“David and Carmen both had four bodyguards each from the minute they landed in Vienna until the minute they left,” said a rep for the photographer, who had an exhibition at a Vienna gallery this week following the Life Ball, which included nude images of Carrera.

The Advocate David LaChapelle on Life Ball, Censorship, and Identity June 4, 2014

In May celebrated photographer David LaChapelle unveiled his poster for Vienna-based HIV and AIDS charity event Life Ball. The poster, which features two nude images of transgender model Carmen Carrera, has stirred controversy abroad, with some calling the work “pornographic” and “degenerate.” The right-wing Freedom Party of Austria has taken to defacing the poster wherever it is displayed and has threatened to sue Life Ball organizers.

“Life Ball invited me to make an image for them, and I had an idea to use a transgender model who still had her— uh, I don't know what to say ... the political correctness in this situation will drive me crazy, and I don't want to just say 'penis,' but I wanted to use a woman who had both male and female attributes," LaChapelle tells The Advocate. "A woman with ... well, it's in Vienna, so let's say sausage."

Die Presse LaChapelle: „Was regt die Leute auf? Ein Penis, ein Busen?“ June 5, 2014

David LaChapelle findet die Debatten über sein Plakat zum Life Ball „erschreckend“. Er glaubt, dass die Welt am Abgrund steht, speziell seine Heimat Amerika.

David LaChapelle: Ich kam von Hawaii nach Los Angeles, um ein Musikvideo zu drehen. Dann sah ich auf meinem Computer diese Oma mit der Spraydose und wie stolz sie auf ihre Aktion war. Wir lachten. Es kommt öfter vor, dass Leute auf meine Plakate was draufschreiben. Aber dann habe ich mehr über die FPÖ gelesen und dass sie den Life Ball und Gery Keszler klagen, das fand ich erschreckend. Sind diese Leute gewalttätig? Worüber regen sich diese Menschen so auf, über einen Penis, einen Busen? Ich verstehe nicht, was an diesem Plakat so provozierend ist. Wenn Sie den Fernseher aufdrehen, sehen Sie nichts als Gewalt: Das ist eine Industrie, mit der sehr viel Geld verdient wird!

Art Daily OstLicht Galerie für Fotografie opens exhibition of works by David LaChapelle June 2, 2014

VIENNA.- During the past three decades, David LaChapelle has created an extraordinary and unmistakeable oeuvre. He has worked with innumerable pop and film stars, and his powerful, provocative, humorous, glamorous, but also surreal and usually extremely colourful works have had a lasting influence on the world of photography and the aesthetics of the visual realm. The gallery OstLicht presents the exhibition David LaChapelle. Once in the Garden, featuring well-known icons of the last twenty years like Amanda Lepore: Addicted to Diamonds, Celebrity Gleam and Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Liz Taylor alongside three of his latest groups of works: Earth Laughs in Flowers, Gas and Land Scape.

London Times Why David LaChapelle turned his back on celebrity and got serious May 28, 2014

It is 4am in the photographer David LaChapelle’s Hollywood studio. A bright pink nearly naked “alien” in silver boots is creeping down the steps of a spaceship to plant a kiss on the mouth of the Irish/British artist and model Daphne Guinness. She is reclining, eyes shut, on a chaise longue wearing a sculptural gold metallic minidress. LaChapelle’s artistic team are clustered round the monitor, studying the footage. “It doesn’t make sense,” says someone in agitation. “She was wearing white when the alien carried her into the spaceship.”

“It makes sense in space,” LaChapelle whispers raspily: he has lost his voice after three days directing a music video and photoshoot to accompany Guinness’s forthcoming single, An Evening in Space. Making sense is not a top priority in LaChapelle’s work. Bizarre, surreal, sensual: yes. Gritty reportage: no. “Of all the photographers inventing surreal images, it is Mr LaChapelle who has the potential to be the genre’s Magritte,” said the photographer Richard Avedon.

Out Magazine EXCLUSIVE: David LaChapelle Responds To Life Ball Poster Controversy May 24, 2014

Last week, the unveiling of David LaChapelle's poster for the Life Ball received mixed reaction. While some commended the photographer's artwork for depicting trans model Carmen Carrera fully naked, with both male and female attributes, the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), an extreme-right political group, has called the picture "pornographic" and launched a campaign to sue the organizers of the HIV/AIDS benefit. In an exclusive interview, LaChapelle talks to Out to address the controversy, and ask for more acceptance of transgender subjects in art.

Out: What exactly is happening in Austria?

Vice This NSFW Poster Is Driving Austrians Mad May 29, 2014

There's a penis upsetting huge swathes of Austrians right now, it's that one up there, and it belongs to transgender reality TV personality Carmen Carrera. Right now, throughout the country, this amazing David LaChapelle poster is pasted on Austrian streets, advertising this year’s Life Ball in Vienna, which is probably the world’s most famous AIDS charity event.

Basically, some Austrian conservatives aren't too pleased with Carmen's dick because Carmen's dick sits beneath Carmen's tits – a combo which has never sat well with conservatives. Austria’s far-right party, the FPÖ, have filed a lawsuit against it, and one grandmother took to the streets to paint over every penis in town, supposedly after she was asked by her grandchild if she had a cock herself (which doesn't sound like a true story to me – what kid actually asks their gran questions like that?).

New York Post Austrian political group protests David LaChapelle’s work May 22, 2014

Artist and photographer David LaChapelle has been targeted by a far-right wing Austrian group that claims the posters he created for this year’s starry Life Ball on May 31 are pornographic.

The poster, displayed in Vienna, has two images of busty transgender model Carmen Carrera naked in a garden with alternately female and male genitalia. “I’m Adam. I’m Eve. I’m Me,” reads a tag line.

Organizers said the artwork celebrates the HIV/AIDS benefit’s 2014 theme, “The Garden of Earthly Delights.”

Huffington Post David LaChapelle Features Carmen Carrera In Life Ball Posters (NSFW) May 13, 2014

Beloved photographer David LaChapelle has released his poster designs for the annual Life Ball, and they feature one of our favorite models and transgender icons: Carmen Carrera.

According to LaChapelle, the posters are inspired by the Life Ball’s theme, “’The Garden of Earthly Delights’ and Hieronymus Bosch’s utopia of a diverse society, living together passionately and peacefully, as if the Fall of Man had never happened and people had never been expelled from Paradise.” The posters were unveiled in Vienna yesterday.

Fashion Week Daily David LaChapelle Talks Life Ball Controversy and His View On The Word Tranny May 30, 2014

David LaChapelle is no stranger to ruffling feathers, but even he was surprised at the controversy in Vienna about the posters he designed to promote Saturday night’s Life Ball. The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), a right-wing political group, are protesting his picture, calling it pornographic, and some protesters have spray painted over the image of transgendered model Carmen Carrera, who is depicted in one shot with male genitalia and in another version tucked. Before hopping on a plane to attend Life Ball and open an exhibition of his work, LaChapelle gave us a call to tell us why he was frustrated with the protest, his thoughts on the word tranny, and why you probably won’t be seeing him at the GLAAD awards anytime soon.

Unimag Ausstellung: David LaChapelle im OstLicht May 21, 2014

David LaChapelle hat in den vergangenen drei Jahrzehnten ein außergewöhnliches und unverkennbares Werk geschaffen. Er hat mit unzähligen Pop- und Filmstars gearbeitet und mit seinen kraftvollen, provokanten, humorvollen, glamourösen aber auch surrealen und meist knallbunten Arbeiten die Welt der Fotografie und die Ästhetik der Bildwelt nachhaltig geprägt. Die Galerie OstLicht präsentiert in der Ausstellung David LaChapelle. ONCE IN THE GARDEN neben bekannten Ikonen aus den letzten zwanzig Jahren, wie "Amanda Lepore: Addicted to Diamonds", "Celebrity Gleam" oder "Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Liz Taylor", drei seiner neuesten Werkgruppen: "Earth Laughs in Flowers", "Gas" und "Land Scape".

Durch seine Auseinandersetzung mit Themen wie Spiritualität und Religion, Personenkult und Körperlichkeit und mit der Hinterfragung gesellschaftlicher Normen von Geschlecht und Sexualität gelang es David LaChapelle, das öffentliche Bewusstsein zu beeinflussen.


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