Goss Gallery

David LaChapelle
May 20 - August 12, 2005
Dallas, TX

Modern Painters STARGAZING May 2006

LaChapelle must have known, and surely hoped, that his picture of West would provoke some controversy, but he's a savvy enough operator also to know it would be of a rather safe, mainstream kind - controversy life - that gets you in the papers but doesn't result in death threats. LaChapelle won't be making images of Mohammed any time soon. And, frankly, why should he?

For what's it worth, I'd always assumed there was some potent, if lapsed, religious element in LaChapelle 's background. The world of his photographs is infused with a sort of heavenly, or at least unearthly , light. And if there's some computer enhancement at work there, well, didn't we always suspect that the afterlife would be heavily retouched? LaChapelle manages to make all his subjects look iconic: everyone's a sort of saint, sometimes a saviour, sometimes a martyr.

Dallas THE BUZZ: ART May 2005

"My vision is to bring something great to Dallas," Kenny Goss says, riffing on the motivation behind the creation of his Uptown art gallery. "Some people assume that the city is very provincial, and it's not. I hear quite regularly from people, 'We really need a gallery that isn't afraid to step out and do something different.' "

With its focus on international contemporary art and with the consulting and curatorial involvement of two of Europe's leading experts, the words "something different" are classic understatement. The clean lines of the 3,200 square-foot space are the work of Dallas' Zero3 Architects and Cynthia Nash Hughes of Collections Rare. The art inside reflects the shared sensibilities of Kenny Goss himself and his partner, musician George Michael.
[..] Upcoming exhibitions include looks at contemporary photographer phenom David LaChapelle and enigmatic British painter James Nares.


Texas native Goss and his partner, Mr. Wham, George, Michael, have been collecting contemporary art for several years, and after dividing time between London and Dallas, the couple brought a home in Dallas.
The modern gallery, an extension of their love for art, focuses on 20th- 21st-century contemporary photography and paintings.
[..] Goss Gallery's inaugural exhibition? A large-scale photographic retrospective by over-the-top fashion photographer David LaChapelle.


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