Maybach: Going Places

Maybach: Going Places

Publication: Daimler AG
Publication date: 2010
Editors: Daphna Uta Wildemann
Credits: Bettina Lehmann, Anthony Haden-Guest, Christian Crämer
Format: 10” x 12.5”
Features: 120 pages, Full Color, Hardcover Book
Language: German, English

Excerpt from the critical essay, “Bliss Amongst Chaos” by Anthony Haden-Guest:

David LaChapelle’s works take the viewer into the world of the surreal and the fantastic, where everything is opulent and rich in colour. And, like the images he creates, the artist himself is a work of art.

2009 saw Maybach enter into a successful partnership with this star photographer. During an elaborate photo shoot with a glamorous line-up of subjects, including style icon Daphne Guinness, David LaChapelle interpreted the new Maybach Zeppelin and its legendary historic forerunner in his own inimitable way. In order to provide palpable insights into his own special atmosphere and the love of detail in the creation of these works, a making-of documentation was generated which allows taking a fascinating look at the production. Various collages add a special artistic touch to the book